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         vanadium 43 (VANADIUM 43)
         vanadium 44 (VANADIUM 44)
         vanadium 45 (VANADIUM 45)
         vanadium 46 (VANADIUM 46)
         vanadium 47 (VANADIUM 47)
         vanadium 48 (VANADIUM 48)
         vanadium 49 (VANADIUM 49)
         vanadium 50 (VANADIUM 50)
         vanadium 50 target (CIBLE VANADIUM 50)
         vanadium 51 (VANADIUM 51)
         vanadium 51 reactions (REACTIONS PAR VANADIUM 51)
         vanadium 52 (VANADIUM 52)
         vanadium 53 (VANADIUM 53)
         vanadium 54 (VANADIUM 54)
         vanadium 55 (VANADIUM 55)
         vanadium 56 (VANADIUM 56)
         vanadium 57 (VANADIUM 57)
         vanadium 58 (VANADIUM 58)
         vanadium 59 (VANADIUM 59)
         vanadium 60 (VANADIUM 60)
         vanadium 61 (VANADIUM 61)
         vanadium 62 (VANADIUM 62)
         vanadium 63 (VANADIUM 63)
         vanadium 64 (VANADIUM 64)
         vanadium 65 (VANADIUM 65)

         virtual mass effect (EFFET DE MASSE VIRTUELLE)
         virtual particles (PARTICULES VIRTUELLES)
         virtual states (ETATS VIRTUELS)
         virulence (VIRULENCE)
         viruses (VIRUS)
         viscose (VISCOSE)
         viscosimeters (VISCOSIMETRES)
         viscosity (VISCOSITE)
         viscous flow (ECOULEMENT VISQUEUX)
         visibility (VISIBILITE)
         visible radiation (RAYONNEMENT VISIBLE)
         visible spectra (SPECTRES VISIBLES)
         vision (VISION)
         visitor centers (espaces d'information du public)
         visual purple (POURPRE RETINIEN)
         vitamin a (VITAMINE A)
         vitamin b group (VITAMINE GROUPE B)
         vitamin b-1 (VITAMINE B-1)
         vitamin b-12 (VITAMINE B-12)
         vitamin b-2 (VITAMINE B-2)
         vitamin b-5 (VITAMINE B-5)
         vitamin b-6 (VITAMINE B-6)
         vitamin b-t (VITAMINE B-T)
         vitamin c (VITAMINE C)
         vitamin d (VITAMINE D)