Sample records for reacteur litr (reacteur d'essais a neutrons thermiques, commission de l'energie atomique des etats-unis) (us aec low intensity test reactor)

Sample records 1 - 5 shown.


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high-quality consumer goods at prices so low that the poor of ...... American Superconductor plans to have test cables in place by 1997. .... as the intensity and polarization of the light passing through glass fibers, ...... you want 50 Hertz (Hz) (in Europe) or 60 Hz (in the United States) AC ...

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Low was as fascinated by radio as Haldane was fascinated by biology, ..... A. C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Enquiry into the Limit of f the Possible, ...... the intensity of light which can be concentrated into an "image" or spot was ..... See James R. Carter, "Lasers and How They U.S. Naval Ord- nance Test ...

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Measurement of Flow Velocity Profiles in Tank Structures using the ...

de K Klepiszewski - 2010 - Autres articles(Luxembourg) avec le prototype OCM Pro LR de la société NIVUS. .... to a decrease in the intensity of reflected echoes; these two effects ... Due to the low slope of the terrain the loading of the tank structure during storm ... The concentration of TSS in the reactor during the test measurements was about 4 g/l. ...

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