Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         u antiquarks (ANTIQUARKS U)
         u centers (CENTRES U)
         u channel (CANAL U)
         u codes (CODES U)
         u groups (GROUPES U)
         u processes (processus u)
         u quarks (QUARKS U)
         u values (COEFFICIENT K)
         u-1 groups (GROUPES U-1)
         u-12 groups (GROUPES U-12)
         u-2 groups (GROUPES U-2)
         u-3 groups (GROUPES U-3)
         u-4 groups (GROUPES U-4)
         u-5 groups (GROUPES U-5)
         u-6 groups (GROUPES U-6)
         u-gas process (PROCEDE U-GAS)
         uar (rae (republique arabe d'egypte))
         ubiquinone (UBIQUINONE)
         ucap process (PROCEDE UCAP)
         ucla (UCLA)
         udimet 500 (UDIMET 500)
         udimet alloys (ALLIAGES UDIMET)
         uganda (OUGANDA)
         uhf lower range
         uhf upper range

         uinta basin (BASSIN DE UINTA)
         uinta formation (FORMATION D'UINTA)
         ujm (ujm)
         ujv (UJV)
         uk atomic energy authority (autorite britannique pour l'energie atomique)
         uk national physical laboratory (UK NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY)
         ukaea (UKAEA)
         ukraine (UKRAINE)
         ukrainian organizations (ORGANISMES UKRAINIENS)
         ukrainian ssr (RSS D'UKRAINE)
         ulcc (ulcc (ultra large crude carrier, ultra grand petrolier transporteur de brut))
         ulcers (ULCERES)
         ultimate storage (stockage final (des dechets))
         ultimate strength (CHARGE LIMITE DE RUPTURE)
         ultracentrifugation (ULTRACENTRIFUGATION)
         ultrafiltration (ULTRAFILTRATION)
         ultrahigh frequency lower range
         ultrahigh frequency radiation upper range
         ultrahigh frequency upper range
         ultrahigh temperature (ultrahaute temperature)
         ultrahigh vacuum (VIDE TRES POUSSE)
         ultrahigh voltage direct current systems (reseaux de transport ultra haute tension en courant continu)
         ultrahigh-speed photography (PHOTOGRAPHIE ULTRA-RAPIDE)

         ultralow frequency radiation (RAYONNEMENT TRES BASSE FREQUENCE)
         ultralow temperature (TEMPERATURES EXTREMEMENT BASSES)
         ultramarine (BLEU D'OUTREMER)
         ultrasonic bubble chambers (CHAMBRES A BULLES ULTRASONIQUES)
         ultrasonic machining (USINAGE AUX ULTRASONS)
         ultrasonic testing (ESSAIS AUX ULTRASONS)
         ultrasonic waves (ONDES ULTRASONORES)
         ultrasonic welding (SOUDAGE PAR ULTRASONS)
         ultrasonics (ultrasons)
         ultrasonography (DIAGNOSTIC PAR ECHOGRAPHIE)
         ultrastructural changes (MODIFICATIONS INTRACELLULAIRES)
         ultraviolet divergences (DIVERGENCES ULTRAVIOLETTES)
         ultraviolet radiation (RAYONNEMENT ULTRAVIOLET)
         ultraviolet spectra (SPECTRES ULTRAVIOLETS)
         ultraviolet spectrometers (SPECTROMETRES A ULTRAVIOLET)
         ulva (ULVA)
         ump (UMP)
         umr reactor (reacteur umr)
         un scientific committee on effects of atomic radiation (comite scientifique des nations unies pour l'etude des effets des rayonnements ionisants)
         uncertainty in data values (INCERTITUDE SUR LES VALEURS MESUREES)
         uncertainty principle (PRINCIPE D'INCERTITUDE)
         unconsolidated rock
         uncorrelated-particle model (MODELE A PARTICULES NON CORRELEES)
         underground (SOUTERRAIN)
         underground buildings (batiments souterrains)

         uninterruptible power supplies (ALIMENTATIONS SANS COUPURE)
         union carbide waste processing system (SYSTEME DE TRAITEMENT DE DECHETS UNION CARBIDE)
         union of soviet socialist republics (UNION DES REPUBLIQUES SOCIALISTES SOVIETIQUES)
         union oil process (PROCEDE UNION OIL)
         unipolar transistors (TRANSISTORS UNIPOLAIRES)
         unitarity (UNITARITE)
         unitary pole approximation (APPROXIMATION DU POLE UNITAIRE)
         unitary symmetry (SYMETRIE UNITAIRE)
         united arab emirates (EMIRATS ARABES UNIS)
         united arab republic (republique arabe unie)
         united kingdom (ROYAUME-UNI)
         united kingdom organizations (ORGANISMES DU ROYAUME-UNI)
         united nations (NATIONS UNIES)
         united nations development program (programme des nations unies pour le developpement (pnud))
         united nations framework convention on climate change
         united nations institute for disarmament research (institut des nations unies pour la recherche sur le desarmement)
         united nuclear corporation proof test reactor (reacteur ptf-unc (reacteur de recherche de la societe united nuclear corporation))
         united republic of tanzania (TANZANIE)
         united states of america (etats unis d'amerique)
         united states uranium registry (registre des stocks d'uranium des etats-unis)
         uniton (UNITON)
         units (UNITES)
         univac computers (ORDINATEURS UNIVAC)
         universal blackbody radiation (rayonnement du corps noir)
         universe (UNIVERS)

         universite catholique louvain cyclotron (CYCLOTRON DE L'UNIVERSITE CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN)
         universities (UNIVERSITES)
         university of california berkeley reactor (reacteur ucbrr (reacteur de recherche berkeley de l'universite de californie))
         university of california irvine reactor (reacteur irvine universite de californie)
         university of california lawrence radiation laboratory (laboratoire de rayonnement de lawrence universite de californie)
         university of california los angeles
         university of florida reactor (reacteur de l'universite de floride)
         university of kansas nuclear reactor (reacteur uknr (reacteur nucleaire de l'universite du kansas))
         university of nevada l-77 reactor (reacteur l-77 de l'universite du nevada)
         university of teheran research reactor (reacteur de recherche universite de teheran)
         university of virginia reactor (reacteur uvar (reacteur de l'universite de virginie))
         university of washington reactor (reacteur uwtr (reacteur de l'universite de washington))
         university of wisconsin nuclear reactor (reacteur nucleaire universite du wisconsin)
         university of wisconsin tokamak (dispositif tokamak de l'universite du wisconsin)
         unleaded gasoline (ESSENCE SANS PLOMB)
         unloading (DECHARGEMENT DE MATERIAUX)
         unloading reactor
         unobserved matter (MATIERE NON OBSERVEE)
         unscear (UNSCEAR)
         unseen matter (matiere noire)
         unsteady flow (ECOULEMENT IRREGULIER)
         upper volta (HAUTE VOLTA)
         ups (systeme d'alimentation ininterruptible)
         upwelling (REMONTEE DES EAUX PROFONDES)

         ural computers (ORDINATEURS URAL)
         ural mountains (montagnes de l'oural)
         urals atomic power station (centrale nucleaire oural)
         uranium (URANIUM)
         uranium 217 (URANIUM 217)
         uranium 218 (URANIUM 218)
         uranium 219 (URANIUM 219)
         uranium 220 (URANIUM 220)
         uranium 221 (URANIUM 221)
         uranium 222 (URANIUM 222)
         uranium 223 (URANIUM 223)
         uranium 224 (URANIUM 224)
         uranium 225 (URANIUM 225)
         uranium 226 (URANIUM 226)
         uranium 227 (URANIUM 227)
         uranium 228 (URANIUM 228)
         uranium 229 (URANIUM 229)
         uranium 230 (URANIUM 230)
         uranium 231 (URANIUM 231)
         uranium 232 (URANIUM 232)
         uranium 232 target (CIBLE URANIUM 232)
         uranium 233 (URANIUM 233)
         uranium 233 target (CIBLE URANIUM 233)
         uranium 234 (URANIUM 234)
         uranium 234 target (CIBLE URANIUM 234)

         urinary tract (TRACTUS URINAIRE)
         urine (URINE)
         urocanic acid (ACIDE UROCANIQUE)
         urocyon (urocyon)
         urogenital system diseases (MALADIES DE L'APPAREIL GENITO-URINAIRE)
         urokinase (UROKINASE)
         uronic acids (ACIDES URONIQUES)
         uruguay (URUGUAY)
         uruguayan organizations (ORGANISMES URUGUAYENS)
         us acda (US ACDA)
         us aec (US AEC)
         us aec low intensity test reactor (reacteur litr (reacteur d'essais a neutrons thermiques, commission de l'energie atomique des etats-unis))
         us aec low intensity training reactor (reacteur d'entrainement modere aec us)
         us aec materials testing reactor-idaho (reacteur d'essais des materiaux aec us / idaho)
         us aec mrr (reacteur mrr aec us)
         us affirmative action program (US AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM)
         us arms control and disarmament agency (agence americaine de desarmement et du controle des armes)
         us atomic energy commission (commission de l'energie atomique des etats-unis)
         us bureau of mines (US BUREAU OF MINES)
         us bureau of reclamation (US BUREAU OF RECLAMATION)
         us ceq (US CEQ)
         us cia (US CIA)
         us clean air act (US CLEAN AIR ACT)
         us clean coal technology program (US CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM)
         us clean water act (US CLEAN WATER ACT)

         us coast guard (US COAST GUARD)
         us corps of engineers (US CORPS OF ENGINEERS)
         us department of agriculture (ministere americain de l'agriculture)
         us department of commerce (ministere americain du commerce)
         us department of defense (MINISTERE AMERICAIN DE LA DEFENSE)
         us department of health education and welfare
         us department of housing and urban development (ministere americain du logement et du developpement urbain)
         us department of justice (ministere americain de la justice)
         us department of labor (ministere americain du travail)
         us department of state (ministere d'etat americain)
         us department of treasury (MINISTERE AMERICAIN DES FINANCES)
         us depletion allowances (PROVISIONS POUR RECONSTITUTION DE GISEMENTS)
         us doc (US DOC)
         us dod (US DOD)
         us doe (US DOE)
         us doe field offices (US DOE FIELD OFFICES)
         us doe inspector general (US DOE INSPECTOR GENERAL)
         us doe program management (GESTION DES PROGRAMMES DU DOE)
         us doi (US DOI)
         us doj (US DOJ)
         us dol (US DOL)
         us dos (US DOS)
         us dot (US DOT)
         us east coast (COTE EST DES ETATS-UNIS)
         us economic recovery tax act (US ECONOMIC RECOVERY TAX ACT)

         us mrs project (PROJET AMERICAIN DU MRS)
         us msha (US MSHA)
         us national academy of science (US NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE)
         us national council on radiation protection and measurements (conseil national americain de radioprotection)
         us national energy act (loi americaine sur l'energie)
         us national energy conservation policy act (US NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION POLICY ACT)
         us national energy plan (PROGRAMME NATIONAL ENERGETIQUE AMERICAIN)
         us national environmental policy act (US NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT)
         us national ignition facility (US NATIONAL IGNITION FACILITY)
         us national oceanic and atmospheric administration (administration nationale oceanique et atmospherique aux etats-unis)
         us national program plans (PROGRAMMES NATIONAUX AMERICAINS)
         us natural gas policy act (US NATURAL GAS POLICY ACT)
         us naval oil shale reserves (US NAVAL OIL SHALE RESERVES)
         us naval petroleum reserves (US NAVAL PETROLEUM RESERVES)
         us nbs (US NBS)
         us niosh (US NIOSH)
         us noaa (US NOAA)
         us nrc (US NRC)
         us nuclear data network (US NUCLEAR DATA NETWORK)
         us occupational safety and health act (US OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT)
         us organizations (ORGANISMES DES ETATS-UNIS)
         us osm (US OSM)
         us ota (US OTA)
         us postal service (US POSTAL SERVICE)
         us power plant and industrial fuel use act (US POWER PLANT AND INDUSTRIAL FUEL USE ACT)