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Expertise ... scientifique et de la communication (Disc) pour la recherche bibliographique. V Groupe d'experts et auteurs Claudine BERR, épidémiologie en neurologie et psychopathologie, Inserm U 360, hôpital de La Salpêtrière, Paris Françoise CLAVEL-CHAPELON, épidémiologie des cancers, Inserm U 521, Ins- titut ...

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Nitinol family, made of nickel and titanium, can regain their shape after ...... cling to specific target molecules; they seem almost custom-made for Eric ...... Asia, 45-46, 154. See also specific. Benzène, 78 countries ...

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46. H. A. Linstone, "MIRAGE 75-Military Requirements Analysis Gencra- tion .... Similarly, titanium and beryllium technology have lagged far behind the rosy ..... :"(1 TARGET PROJECTIONS These are immensely important in practice, ...

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Hard coating films Titanium Nitride (TiN) thin films are used as hard coating films. ... on glass substrate by reactive RF magnetron sputtering using Ti target and Ar-N2 plasma. ... Ap- plied Physics Letters, vol.46, 1985, pp.1013-1015. ...

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... aluminum, magnesium, titanium, wood, glass, cement and plastic. ...... Narrowcasting specific messages to target certain voters is a more likely ...... 46. Educational reform. 47. Terrorists detonate nuclear device in the U.S. 48. ...

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