Sample records for ENTREPOSAGE DES COMBUSTIBLES USES (spent fuel storage)

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Untitled - Revues et Congrès

Electronic Storage or Usage. Permission of the publisher is required to store or use ...... full account the time spent working by the population? ...... "fuel public debate and even fan the flames of controversy over new technology"; ...

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Untitled - Revues et Congrès

high fuel prices and continued limited national resources. .... We are almost totally devoid of the gathering, storage, retrieval, processing ..... As for graft and the time spent in scheming for it, newsman Genovea has this to say: " . ...

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Untitled - I-Revues

from its temporary storage register into the number-crunching area; add ...... of ail managers will spend their time collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, ...... them as fuel for ion-drive spacecraft engines, which provide thrust by ...

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Technological Forecasting and Social Change An International - I ...

After IDA, he spent many years at the National Science Foundation as program ...... Both tacit and explicit knowledge fuel organizational leaming. ...... of atoms cause logical and/or storage functions) will be in practical use and have ...

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PREFACE This book has grown out of an - I-Revues

An improved electrochemical means of storing energy (bat- tery or fuel ...... I.T Whirlwind utilized electrostatic memory storage devices (cathode ray ...... a system or program is a function of how much money is being spent on it: with ...

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Having spent several years closely tied to business and corporate ...... Other technologic?l possibilities are coal, with better combustion; fuel cells for ...... The reorganization of storage and retrieval to allow for interaction. ...

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8 PREFACE The new millennium is only a decade away. We can already ...

ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE NEW DEMOCRACY The United States has spent, ...... It is the organ- donor document, which permits the transfer or storage of usable ...... to deepen the quality of debate rather than merely fuel the controversy. ...

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