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available space. A quadrupling of urban areas, to the detri- ment of agricultural areas, ...... the programme for breeder reactors, which is forecast for the ..... ers, and propulsion units. These have led to far-reaching ...

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Untitled - I-Revues

electricity; yet hydroelectric dams and nuclear reactors contribute only ...... duct other aspects of space research and development. New propulsion ...

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PREFACE This book has grown out of an - I-Revues

Nuclear reactors for marine propulsion 2. ...... Theodore B. Taylor, "Propulsion of Space Vehicles," in Perspectives in Modern Physics, ...

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Copyright 1989 by jf Coates, Inc. - I-Revues

During the sixties, futurists multiplied in the excitement over space exploration and ...... If we began R&D now, we could operate a fusion reactor by the early 21st century. ...... a system providing limitless propulsion to spacecraft. ...

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9-11 April 2008 ?EDA Publishing/DTIP 2008 ISBN: 978-2-35500-006-5 ...

The small spacing between the sensing structures imposed to reduce the .... in proc. of 4th International Spacecraft Propulsion Conference, Chia, Italy, vol. ... A micromachined thin-film gas flowsensor for microchemical reactors?, ...

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