Sample records for sonar (sound navigation and ranging)

Sample records 1 - 6 shown.


Untitled - Revues et Congrès

propositional function L(x) with the individual variable x ranging over ...... I seem to have made general systems sound so dangerous that 1 ...... navigation and ballistics, later the problems of converting one form ...

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Untitled - I-Revues

Pictures and sound are broken into tiny pieces, and each fragment ...... ences on subjects ranging from the UNIX computer operating system to ...... that point, if all the highways are clogged, the navigation unit will suggest ...

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de M BOUVET - Autres articlesSOund Navigation And Ranging : utiliser les ondes acousti- ques (sound) dans l'eau pour aider à la navigation et obtenir des informations (ranging) . ...

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PREFACE This book has grown out of an - I-Revues

Except insofar as they facilitate navigation, however, predictions based on ...... work on the propagation of sound waves in a compressible me- dium-air ) [13]. ] . ...... There is a parallel hierarchy of levels of means ranging through ...

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Ranging out 10000 or more years, he has little interest in the short ...... Satellite-aided navigation will augment, and perhaps substitute for, maps and charts. ...... anthropologically, and technologically sound energy technology. ...

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Classification de textures en imagerie sonar et Invariance en ...

2. acronyme de SOund NAvigation and Ranging. 3. La vocation des sonars passifs, dits de veille, est l'écoute passive en vue ...

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