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Helium isotopic composition of hydrothermal fluids from the Manus back-arc Basin, Papua New Guinea

Fourre E; Jean Baptiste P; Charlou Jean-luc; Donval Jean-pierre; Ishibashi J

We present isotopic analysis of helium in hydrothermal fluids from the Manus back-arc basin, collected during the French-Japanese Manusflux and Manaute cruises in 1995 and 2000, respectively. The helium isotope composition of the fluids is comparable to that measured elsewhere in similar subduction ...

DRIVER (French)


Children's Gestures from 18 to 30 months

Andrén, Mats

This thesis concerns the nature of the gestures performed by five Swedish children. The children are followed from 18 to 30 months of age: an age range which is characterized by a rapid succession of developmental changes in children's abilities to communicate by means of both spoken language and ge...

DRIVER (French)