Sample records for PALYNOLOGIE (palynology)

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Vegetation dynamics in southern France during the last 30 ky BP in the light of marine palynology

Beaudouin Célia; Jouet Gwenael; Suc Jean-pierre; Berne Serge; Escarguela Gilles

The composition of the glacial vegetation of southern French plains has been a matter of debate for several decades. Vegetation is considered as steppic according to French and Spanish lacustrine pollen records whereas cave deposits suggest the presence of mesothermophilous trees through the Last Gl...

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Pluridisciplinary approach of the evolution of the agro-pastural activities in the surroundings of the “ narse d'Espinasse ” (French Massif Central, Puy de Dôme).

Miras, Y.; Laggoun-Défarge, Fatima; Guenet, P.; Richard, H.

The ldquonarserdquo or peat marsh of Espinasse (Saulzet-le-Froid district) situated in the southern part of the Chaîne des Puys has been the subject of a new pollen analysis concentrating on the anthropogenic impact on vegetation evolution since the Sub-Boreal. Human occupation of the surroundings o...

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