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Why are the French so Different from the Germans? Underpricing of IPOs on the Euro New Markets

Goergen, M.; Khurshed, A.; Renneboog, L.D.R.

IPOs on the EuroNMs have shown very high underpricing.The majority of these IPOs possess specific characteristics such as lock-up agreements, venture-capital financing, ownership by the underwriter and over-allotment options.We study how these characteristics influence the underpricing of firms list...

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Understanding Employer's Stock Holdings in the French Company Savings Plans Using the Literature on the American 401(k) plans

Aubert, Nicolas

The collapse of sadly notorious American corporations whose retirement plans were primarily invested in company stocks has aroused a growing interest in understanding employees' investment decisions about company stock.American 401(k) plans and the French Company Savings Plans have in common t...

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Seasoned equity issues in a closely held market: evidence from France

Ginglinger, Edith; Gajewski, Jean-François

This paper examines seasoned equity offerings in France. Even though a rightsoffering is the primary flotation method, French companies are increasingly using therelatively expensive public offering method. We show that the market reaction to theannouncement of seasoned equity issu...

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Ownership, Contractual Practices and Technical Efficiency: The Case of Urban Public Transport in France

Roy, William; Yvrande-Billon, Anne

This paper investigates the impact of ownership structure and contractual choices on technical efficiency in the French urban public transport sector. The central proposition, which relies on classical contract theory arguments, is that ownership regime and contractual practices are key determinants...

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Ownership Structure and Stock Market Liquidity in France

Ajina, Aymen; Lakhal, Faten

This paper examines the effects of concentrated ownership structure and shareholder’s type on the French stock-market liquidity. The results show that ownership concentration negatively affects market liquidity suggesting that large shareholders are likely to exacerbate information asymmetry, widen ...

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Introducing Competition in the French Electricity Supply Industry: The Destabilisation of a Public Hierarchy in an Open Institutional Environment

Finon, Dominique

The French electricity supply industry is characterized by a vertically integrated monopoly and public ownership and when the government introduced market rules, it was with the aim of preserving the integration of the public incumbent as a national champion. This had two paradoxical effects in fa...

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Insiders, Outsiders and the Politics of Corporate Governance. How Ownership Structure Shapes Party Positions in Britain, Germany and France


This article argues that differences in the dispersion of corporate ownership help explain why party positions on corporate governance vary across countries and over time. I show that British, French and German political debates over takeover regulation since the 1950s differ significantly along sev...

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Disclosure quality and corporate governance: Evidence from the French Stock Market

Ben Ali, Chiraz

This paper examines a combined set of corporate governance features that influence disclosure quality in a context of ownership concentration. Agency theory presents a theoretical framework linking disclosure decision to corporate governance mechanisms. Using a Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)...

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Disclosure and minority expropriation: A study of French listed firms

Chiraz, Ben Ali

In this paper we examine the influence of minority expropriation on disclosure level in France where shareholders are poorly protected and the main agency problem is the one between controlling and minority shareholders (type II conflict) while prior studies have been undertaken in the United States...

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Mnif, Anis

This study examines whether corporate governance attributes have an effect on the quality of financial disclosure. Specifically, we examine the association between board attributes, ownership retained, auditor quality, and underwriter reputation and management earnings forecast quality measured by m...

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