Sample records for ANALYSE NUMERIQUE (numerical analysis)

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Cet ... aux questions posées par l'Institut national de recherche et de sécurité (INRS) concernant les liens éventuels entre susceptibilités génétiques et expositions ... de suivi composé des deux parties s'est réuni tout au long de l'expertise afin d'évaluer l'avancement des travaux V Groupe d'experts et auteurs ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


Simulation of mechanical behaviour of the electromagnetic railgun by finite element method Elektromagnetinės šaudyklės mechaninės elgsenos modeliavimas baigtinių elementų metodu

Tumonis, Liudas

The numerical analysis of electromagnetic railgun dynamics under transient load is considered in current PhD thesis. The object of investigation is electro-magnetic accelerator EMA-3 at French-German institute of Sain-Louis (ISL). The aim of work covers the development of the finite element model of...

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Shape based Monte Carlo code for light transport in complex heterogeneous tissues

Margallo-Balbás, E.; French, P.J.

A Monte Carlo code for the calculation of light transport in heterogeneous scattering media is presented together with its validation. Triangle meshes are used to define the interfaces between different materials, in contrast with techniques based on individual volume elements. This approach allows ...

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Partial amplitude synchronization detection in brain signals using Bayesian Gaussian mixture models

Rio, Maxime; Hutt, Axel; Girau, Bernard

In the last decade, the analysis of the synchronization between different brain signals has attracted much attention. In this context, detection methods of amplitude synchrony computed on time-frequency maps consider the baseline activity before stimulus onset. The present work introduces a new meth...

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EEG segmentation through time­-varying PCA

Rio, Maxime; Hutt, Axel; Girau, Bernard

In this study, we have investigated a new method to localize ERPs components inside EEG records, in time and space. This method relies on a probabilistic model using both hidden Markov model and principal components analysis. In order to automatically select the model dimension, a Bayesian approach ...

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Development of numerical methods for the reactive transport of chemical species in a porous media : a nonlinear conjugate gradient method

Bouillard, Nicolas; Montarnal, Philippe; Herbin, Raphaele

In the framework of the evaluation of nuclear waste disposal safety, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is interested in modelling the reactive transport in porous media. At a given time step, the equation system of reactive-transport can be written as a system of nonlinear coupled equations ...

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Critical perspectives on the evaluation and optimization of complex numerical models of estuary hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics

French, JR

Numerical hydrodynamic and sediment transport models provide a means of extending inferences from direct observation and for advancing our understanding of estuarine processes. However, their parametric complexity invites questions concerning the extent to which model output can be assessed with res...

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Geman, H.

Brownian motion played a central role throughout the twentieth century in probability theory. The same statement is even truer in finance, with the introduction in 1900 by the French mathematician Louis Bachelier of an arithmetic Brownian motion (or a version of it) to represent stock price dynamics...

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