Sample records for NITROGENASE (nitrogenase)

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Nitrogenase Activity in Cell-Free Extracts of the Blue-Green Alga, Anabaena cylindrica

Smith, R. V.; Evans, M. C. W.

Cell-free extracts with high nitrogenase activity were prepared by sonic oscillation and French press treatment from the blue-gree alga Anabaena cylindrica. Extracts were prepared from cells grown on a 95% N2–5% CO2 gas mixture followed by a period of nitrogen starvation under an atmosphere of 95% a...

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Isolation and nitrogenase activity of vesicles from Frankia sp. strain EAN1pec.

Tisa, L S; Ensign, J C

Vesicles, specialized cell structures thought to be the site of nitrogen fixation in the actinorhizal bacteria, were isolated from Frankia sp. strain EAN1pec by using French pressure disruption of mycelia followed by differential and isopycnic gradient centrifugation. The isolated vesicles reduced a...

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