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Construction and Use of Derivatives of Transposon Tn4001 That Function in Mycoplasma pulmonis and Mycoplasma arthritidis

Dybvig, Kevin; Voelker, LeRoy L.; French, C. Todd

Previous attempts to introduce transposon Tn4001 into Mycoplasma pulmonis and Mycoplasma arthritidis have not been successful, possibly due to functional failure of the transposon's gentamicin resistance determinant. Tn4001C and Tn4001T were constructed, respectively, by insertion of a chloramphenic...

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Gene Transfer in Mycoplasma pulmonis

Simmons, Warren L.; Teachman, Amy M.; Yu, Huilan; French, C. Todd; Dybvig, Kevin

Experiments were undertaken to examine gene transfer in Mycoplasma pulmonis. Parent strains containing transposon-based tetracycline and chloramphenicol resistance markers were combined to allow transfer of markers. Two mating protocols were developed. The first consisted of coincubating the strains...

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Gene Rearrangements in the vsa Locus of Mycoplasma pulmonis

French, C. Todd; Shen, Xuejun; Yu, Huilan; Gumulak, Juliann; Zou, Nianxiang; Dybvig, Kevin

The vsa genes of Mycoplasma pulmonis encode the V-1 lipoproteins. Most V-1 proteins contain repetitive domains and are thought to be involved in mycoplasma-host cell interactions. Previously, we have reported the isolation and characterization of six vsa genes comprising a 10-kb region of the genome...

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Comparative evaluation of media for isolation of ureaplasma urealyticum and genital mycoplasma species.

French, M L; Leland, D S; Jones, R B; Lapworth, M A

Two media systems were compared for isolation of Ureaplasma urealyticum and genital Mycoplasma sp. System 1 (S-1) consisted of arginine agar and an arginine biphasic medium for isolation of Mycoplasma sp. and urea agar and urea broth for isolation of U. urealyticum. System 2 (S-2) utilized Boston br...

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Evidence for Type III Restriction and Modification Systems in Mycoplasma pulmonis▿

Yu, Huilan; Dybvig, Kevin; French, C. Todd; Cao, Z.

Mycoplasma pulmonis possesses a cassette of genes that are predicted to code for type III restriction and modification (R-M) enzymes. Transposon disruption of a gene predicted to code for the endonuclease subunit of the enzyme resulted in loss of R-M activity. Genomic data indicate that the cassette...

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GAA Trinucleotide Repeat Region Regulates M9/pMGA Gene Expression in Mycoplasma gallisepticum

van Santen, Vicky L.; Liu, Li; Panangala, Victor S.; Dybvig, Kevin; French, Christopher T.

Mycoplasma gallisepticum, the cause of chronic respiratory infections in the avian host, possesses a family of M9/pMGA genes encoding an adhesin(s) associated with hemagglutination. Nucleotide sequences of M9/pMGA gene family members indicate extensive sequence similarity in the promoter regions of ...

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Experimental infection of SPF pigs with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 9 alone or in association with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Marois, Corinne; Gottschalk, Marcelo; Morvan, Hervé; Fablet, Christelle; Madec, François; Kobisch, Marylène

The purpose of this study was to compare in SPF pigs, the pathogenicity of an Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 9 strain 21 (isolated from the palatine tonsils of a healthy gilt on a French nucleus pig farm, with no clinical signs or lung lesions but a highly positive reaction to A. pleuropne...

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Pneumonie et grippe

... 9 Pneumonie bactérienne, sans précision 483 - Pneumonie due à d'autres micro-organismes précisés Pneumonie à Mycoplasma pneumoniae [agent d'Eaton] Pneumonie à mycoplasme [PPLO] 484* - Pneumonie au cours d'autres maladies infectieuses classées ailleurs A l'exclusion de: grippe avec pneumonie (487.0) 484.0* ...

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... Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii) 041.7 Pseudomonas 041.8 Autres Aerobacter aerogenes Mima polymorpha Mycoplasma Autre coccus non classé ailleurs 041.9 Sans précision Table des matières MALADIES INFECTIEUSES ET PARASITAIRES (liste détaillée) Réalisation graphique, Marc Mellah, CépiDc-IFR69, Inserm 2006.

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L'état sanitaire de l'animal de laboratoire

... thogènes : pouvant interférer avec les expériences réalisées : en effet la présence de certains micro-organismes peut invalider des résultats expérimentaux exemple 1 : le rotavirus murin EDIM, très contagieux, perturbe le système gastro-intestinal et la physiologie générale de l'hôte, exemple 2 : mycoplasma ...

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A family of phase-variable restriction enzymes with differing specificities generated by high-frequency gene rearrangements

Dybvig, Kevin; French, C. Todd; Sitaraman, Ramakrishnan

The hsd genes of Mycoplasma pulmonis encode restriction and modification enzymes exhibiting a high degree of sequence similarity to the type I enzymes of enteric bacteria. The S subunits of type I systems dictate the DNA sequence specificity of the holoenzyme and are required for both the restrictio...

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Microsoft Word - Annexes Rapport final.doc

Rapport de " L'Enquête Française sur la guerre du Golfe et ses conséquences sur la Santé " Annexes Dirigée par le Pr R. Salamon Répondant à la lettre de mission du 6 juin 2001 adressée par le cabinet du Ministre du Ministère de la Défense Annexes du Rapport de « L'Enquête Française sur la guerre du Golfe ...

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Je refais le texte............

Recommandations pour la mise en place et le fonctionnement d'un établissement d'expérimentation animale utilisant des rongeurs et des lagomorphes. 1 GUIDE PRATIQUE Recommandations pour la mise en place et le fonctionnement d'un Etablissement d'Expérimentation Animale utilisant des rongeurs et des lagomorphes. ...

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