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Physical activity, Contexts and effects on health, Synthesis and recommendations

Physical activity Contexts and effects on health Synthesis and recommendations This document summarises the work of the group of experts assembled by Inserm as part of the collective expert report procedure (appendix) carried out at the request of the French Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development ...

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Dakar, port de pêche Dakar, fishing harbour

Le Gall Jean

The coast of French Western Africa undoubtedly has a great ichthyic resource. Every scientist who has worked on its marine fauna has acknowledged the multiplicity of its species and their richness. Each scientific mission has underlined the abundance of edible species and the intensive exploitation ...

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Children's Gestures from 18 to 30 months

Andrén, Mats

This thesis concerns the nature of the gestures performed by five Swedish children. The children are followed from 18 to 30 months of age: an age range which is characterized by a rapid succession of developmental changes in children's abilities to communicate by means of both spoken language and ge...

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0.0-1e?re Couverture INSERM:Mise en page 1

Section des établissements Rapport d'évaluation de l'INSERM : 1ère partie (version française) Rapport du comité international d'évaluation de l'INSERM : Améliorer l'avenir de la recherche dans le domaine des sciences de la vie et de la santé en France 2ère partie (version anglaise) "A Review of INSERM ...

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