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Echantillonnage des populations naturelles de mollusques compétiteurs trophiques des huîtres cultivées Crassostrea gigas du bassin de Marennes-Oléron : aspects méthodologiques Stock assesments of the non-cultivated molluscs trophic competitors for oysters, in the Marennes-Oleron bay (Atlantic French coast) : methodological considerations

Sauriau Pierre-guy

The main problems involved in making biomass and density estimates of benthic mol1uscs are the choice of a sampling plan, the level of systematic errors and random errors. A stratified random sampling after optimum allocation was used in the case. The benthic molluscs estimates (biomass or density) ...

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Le réseau Repamo : un outil de surveillance de la santé des mollusques marins élevés et sauvages (acte) The Repamo network: a cultivated and natural marine mollusc health status monitoring tool

Francois Cyrille; Miossec Laurence; Garcia Celine; Arzul Isabelle; Joly Jean-pierre; Robert Maeva; Ferrand Sylvie

Created in 1992, the Repamo network (REseau de PAthologie des MOllusques – Mollusc Pathology Network) is in charge of the surveillance and monitoring of the marine molluscs health status along the French coast. It has a regulatory mission (European legislation 91/67 and 95/70) as well as a public se...

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Etudes pathologiques et epidemiologiques des lesions parasitaires chez Ostrea edulis : Premiers resultats d'un recherche prospective comparative chez les principales especes de mollusques des zones ostreicoles de Bretagne nord Pathological and epidemiological studies of parasitic diseases of Ostrea edulis : First results from a retrospective and comparative research of main species of molluscs in oyster farm in North Brittany.

Poder M; Auffret Mathieu; Balouet G

This paper is a contribution to the study of the Bonamia ostreae epizooty in french european oyster Ostrea edulis : parasite process (hemocytic parasitosis); experimental contaminations on parks and in tanks. First results of an epidemiological watch conducted in oyster culture sites show in molluks...

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Water quality criteria and monitoring for marine mollusc culture : the French experience

Heral Maurice; Berthome Jean-paul

The impact of the main parameters of water quality which act on the life history of molluscs are presented. Two types of parameters are examined: the first are the physical-chemical parameters as temperature, salinity, turbidity, oxygen concentrations. They can be modified by perturbations directly ...

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The variability of the operculum in Nucella lapillus (Gastropoda, Muricidae) from a colony in Audresselles, France

Keppens, M.; Dhondt, K.; Mienis, H.K.

In April 2007 the first two authors investigated the rocky outcrops on the beach of Audresselles, northwest France, for the presence of marine molluscs. Special attention was paid to Nucella lapillus (Linnaeus, 1758), also known as the Atlantic dog-whelk. A study of the collected material rev...

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Temporal variability in the Pacific oyster spatfall along the French Coast: a new monitoring project Variation temporelle de l'abondance des naissains de l'huître creuse du Pacifique le long de la côte française : nouveau projet de surveillance

Pouvreau Stephane; Maurer Daniele; Auby Isabelle; Soletchnik Patrick; Mille Dominique; Bernard Ismael; Bedier Edouard

In France, spatfall of Pacific Oysters occurs traditionally in two shellfish area of the south west of France: the Marennes-Oléron bay and the Arcachon basin. The spat collected in both sites ensures approx. 70 % of the need of the French oysters production (the other part is produced in hatcheries)...

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Recent innovations in cultivation of molluscs in french Polynesia

Aquacop Aquacop

Until recently, mollusc production in French Polynesia was only based upon fishing, for local consumption of edible bivalves mainly the oyster Saccostrea cucullata and for the exportation of pearl-oyster shells. As a consequence of parasitism problems on local oysters, a mollusc program was initiate...

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L'ostréiculture en baie de Bourgneuf. Relation entre la croissance des huîtres Crassostrea gigas et le milieu naturel : synthèse de 1986 a 1995 Bay ostreiculture of Bourgneuf. Relation between the growth of the oysters Crassostrea gigas and the natural environment : synthesis of 1986 has 1995

Barille-boyer Anne-laure; Haure Joel; Baud Jean-pierre

The oyster growth has been studied for a 10 year period, from 1986 to 1995, in four locations of the bay of Bourgneuf (French Atlantic Coast). The relations between oysters growth and the main molluscs stocks (cultivated oysters and wild mussels) or environmental factors (hydrobiology, currents, cli...

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Contamination of the Bay of Biscay by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) following the T/V "Erika" oil spill

Tronczynski Jacek; Munschy Catherine; Moisan Karine; Guiot Nadege; Truquet Isabelle; Olivier Nathalie; Men Sophie

An investigation was carried out into the PAH chemical contamination resulting from the "Erika" tanker fuel spillage of December 1999 along the French coast of the Bay of Biscay. A qualitative and quantitative assessment was conducted of this contamination in water, suspended particulate matter, sed...

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Characterization of Cr. gigas oysters mortalities according to the French Ifremer/REMORA monitoring network ; with complements from phytoplankton and meteorogolical data

Fleury Pierre-gildas; Mazurie Joseph; Ropert Michel; Soletchnik Patrick; Le Coz Florence

The wide range of data from the French Ifremer/REMORA network, collected since 1993 allow a global characterization of mortalities of 1-year old and 2-years old cupped oysters Crassostrea gigas, that are cultivated in the main French oyster areas (Fleury et al, 2003), and thus a better understanding...

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Certifying the French population of Crassostrea gigas free from exotic diseases : a risk analysis approach

Thebault, Anne; Berthe, Franck; Audige, L.

Sample-size calculation in the context of the surveys aimed at substantiating freedom from infection have been commonly undertaken an terrestrial animals over recent years, but not on aquatic animals. A recent model developed by Audigé and Beckett in 1999 can be used to plan and assess animal health...

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Aquaculture of edible species in French Polynesia

Patrois Jacques

In French Polynesia, the research on rearing edible species has began in 1971. The aims were: to develop the local production of sea foods to satisfy the domestic market and to create new activities and employments in rural areas.

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A methology for the stocks assessments of cultivated oysters among along the French Atlantic coasts

Bacher Cedric; Baud Jean-pierre; Bodoy Alain; Deslous-paoli Jean-marc; Dreno Jean-paul; Heral Maurice; Maurer Daniele

An assessment of the reared stocks of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas ) has been recently conducted on the major French areas of molluscs culture. The methodology proposed included both estimates of densities obtained by subsampling in the field, and aerial photographs which covered the cultiv...

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A Large-Scale Epidemiological Study to Identify Bacteria Pathogenic to Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas and Correlation Between Virulence and Metalloprotease-like Activity

Saulnier Denis; De Decker Sophie; Haffner Philippe; Cobret Laetitia; Robert Maeva; Garcia Celine

A 4-year bacteriological survey (2003-2007) of four molluscs cultivated in France and faced with mortality episodes was performed by the French shellfish pathology network. The more abundant bacteria isolated during 92 mortality episodes, occurring mainly in Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas, were id...

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"Marine molluscs in a changing environment", Book of abstracts

This second mollusc physiology meeting has being organized jointly by LEMAR (IUEM: European Institute for Marine Studies) and LPI (Ifremer: French Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea), as both laboratories conduct research in this field. Physiomar 08 followed the very successful workshop 'Phys...

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