Sample records for TENEUR EN EAU (moisture)

Sample records 1 - 5 shown.


Using vegetation indices for soil-moisture retrievals from passive microwave radiometry

Burke, E.J.; Shuttleworth, W.J.; French, A.N.

Surface soil moisture and the nature of the overlying vegetation both influence microwave emission from land surfaces significantly. One widely discussed but underused method for allowing for the effect of vegetation on soil-moisture retrievals from microwave observations is to use remotely sensed v...

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Comparison of energy balance modeling schemes using microwave-derived soil moisture and radiometric surface temperature.

Kustas, W.P.; Bindlish, R.; French, A.N.; Schmugge, T.J.; USDA, ARS

A Two-Source (soil + vegetation) Energy Balance (TSEB) modeling scheme has been developed to use either microwave-derived near-surface soil moisture (TSEBSM) or radiometric surface temperature (TSEBTR) as the key remotely sensed surface boundary condition for computing spatially distributed heat flu...

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