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Urban and rural policies and the climate change issue: the French experience of governance

Mathy, Sandrine

This article describes and analyses each level of governance relevant to address climate mitigation within France. This refers either to climate policies or to measures adopted for other reasons but which impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The first part describes the French context related t...

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Tests d'efficacité du répulsif acoustique CETASAVER à bord des chalutiers commerciaux français Résultats obtenus au cours des années 2007 et 2008 Experiments with the acoustic deterrent CETASAVER for mitigation of bycatch of common dolphins in trawl fisheries : results issued from trials with French commercial vessels in 2007 and 2008

Morizur Yvon; Le Gall Yves; Van Canneyt O; Gamblin C

An acoustic repellent was developed by Ixtrawl and Ifremer to mitigate incidental catches of common dolphins in trawl fisheries. The system developed-which bears the name of CETASAVER-was developed after behavioural tests performed on groups of common dolphins. These tests conducted at sea for the E...

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Expérimentations de répulsifs acoustiques commerciaux sur les filets fixes à baudroies en mer d'Iroise - Résultats obtenus au cours de l'année 2008-2009 avec le projet « PingIroise » Experiment with acoustic deterrent devices in a large mesh net fishery of the Celtic shelf

Morizur Yvon; Le Niliot Ph; Buanic M; Pianalto S

A pinger experiment was carried out on the French trammel net fishery in the marine protected area off the west coasts of Britanny in order to compare acoustic mitigation measures for harbour porpoise. Three types of pinger devices (Aquamark 100, Pinger V02, DDD02) were used for porpoise mitigation ...

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Energy Efficiency And The "triple 20" European Policy: Lessons Drawn From The French Case

Maïzi, Nadia; Assoumou, Edi; Mazauric, Vincent

This paper questions the relevance of the announced energy efficiency target (i.e. translated as energy consumption savings) as leverage for the GHG mitigation in the French case. We explore the impact of both primary and final energy consumption savings, when combined with a 20% reduction of CO2 em...

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Analytic Input to Societal Emergency Management - On the Design of Methods

Abrahamsson, Marcus

Information from performed risk and vulnerability analyses, evaluation of responses in relation to actual emergencies etcetera can be very useful in efforts directed at preventing, mitigating and/or preparing for future emergencies. This thesis focuses on the development of methods for such analysis...

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