Sample records for MINERALOGIE (mineralogy)

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Trace element evidence for the origin of ocean island basalts : an example from the Austral Islands (French Polynesia)

Dupuy, C.; Barsczus, Hans Gustave; Liotard, J.M.; Dostal, J.

Cet article présente une étude géochimique des roches magmatiques des Iles Australes. La présence et la distribution d'éléments en trace incompatibles indiquent que ces laves dérivent d'une source magmatique hétérogène. Comme le montrent les données isotopiques, ces hétérogénéités sont à attribuer à...

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The transferability of Australian pedotransfer functions for predicting water retention characteristics of French soils.

Cresswell, H.P.; Coquet, Y.; Bruand, Ary; Mackenzie, N.J.

A French data set was used in evaluating how well two widely used analytical functions describe measured soil water characteristic (SWC) data. Both the van Genuchten (sigmoidal) and Campbell (power-law) equations gave good descriptions of the data (mean R2 of 98.1% and 97.1% respectively). Methods o...

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Palaeozoic oolitic ironstone of the French Armorican Massif: a chemical and structural trap for orogenic base metal-As-Sb-Au mineralization during Hercynian strike-slip deformation.

Gloaguen, Eric; Branquet, Yannick; Boulvais, P.; Moëlo, Y.; Chauvel, J.J.; Chiappero, P.J.; Marcoux, Eric

In the Saint-Aubin-des-Châteaux quarry (Armorican Hercynian belt, western France), an epigenetic hydrothermal alteration affects an oolitic ironstone layer intercalated within the Lower Ordovician Grès armoricain Formation. The hydrothermal overprint produced pervasive and massive sulphidation with ...

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Experimental investigation of the interaction of clays with high pH solutions: A case study from the Callovo-Oxfordian formation, Meuse - Haute Marne underground laboratory (France)

Claret, Francis; Bauer, Andreas; Schäfer, Thorsten; Griffault, Lise; Lanson, Bruno

The impact of alkaline solutions (pH = 13.2) on the clay mineralogy of the CallovoOxfordian formation hosting the French underground laboratory for nuclear waste disposal investigation (Meuse-Haute Marne site) has been studied experimentally. Initially, each of the four samples selected as represent...

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