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Étude du cas rationnel de la théorie des formes linéaires de logarithmes. (French) [Study of the rational case of the theory of linear forms in logarithms]

Gaudron, Éric

We establish new measures of linear independence of logarithms on commutative algebraic groups in the so-called \emph{rational case}. More precisely, let k be a number field and v_{0} be an arbitrary place of k. Let G be a commutative algebraic group defined over k and H be a connected algebraic sub...

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expertise collective

Jeux de hasard et d'argent Contextes et addictions Expertise collective Cet ouvrage présente les travaux du groupe d'experts réuni par l'Inserm dans le cadre de la procédure d'expertise collective (annexe 1), pour répondre à la demande de la Direction générale de la santé sur la problématique de santé ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


Visual Exploration of (French) Commuter Networks

Chiricota, Yves; Melançon, Guy; Phan Quang, Trung Tien; Tissandier, Patrice

Commuters induce a network structure on the territory linking cities. Geographers study commuter data trying to understand the structure of the network, as a contribution towards urban planning. Our approach is more specifically designed to help geographers identify multiscale phenomenon, reflecting...

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Vakkenpakketkeuze in het voortgezet onderwijs 1992-1995

Combined file of three points of measurement: 1992 questionnaire, 1992 mathematical test and 1995 questionnaire.Attitudes and opinions towards mathematics and french / school marks, expected future marks, self-rating / teacher / schooltype / choice of subjects / reasons for choosing mathematics, ...

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Understanding additive and multiplicative structures: the effect of number structure and nature of quantities on primary school students' performance

Fernández Verdú, Ceneida; Llinares Ciscar, Salvador

The present study explores relationships between additive and multiplicative structures in the context of proportional reasoning. One goal is to examine hypothetical learning trajectories derived from these relations in the context of understanding proportionality. 198 Spanish primary school childre...

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The great logarithmic and trigonometric tables of the French Cadastre: a preliminary investigation

Roegel, Denis

This document is a first investigation of the ''Tables du cadastre,'' Prony's effort to build the greatest monument of science of the French Revolution. The document is supplemented by 47 volumes which make it easier to analyze the original manuscripts.

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The emergence of French statistics. How mathematics entered the world of statistics in France during the 1920s.

Catellier, Rémi; Mazliak, Laurent

This paper concerns the emergence of modern mathematical statistics in France after the First World War. Emile Borel's achievements are presented, and especially his creation of two institutions where mathematical statistics was developed: the {\it Statistical Institute of Paris University}, (ISUP) ...

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Study of alternative strategies to the task clarification activity of the market-pull product development process model

Motte, Damien

A very large majority of the current product development process models put forward in textbooks present a homogenous structure, what Ulrich & Eppinger 1 call the market-pull model, presented as a generic one, while other possible product development process models are merely seen as variants. This ...

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Report on the current state of the French DMLs

Bouche, Thierry

This is a survey of the existing digital collections of French mathematical literature, run by non-profit organizations. This includes research monographs, serials, proceedings, Ph. D. theses, collected works, books and personal websites.

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Problem-solving and Web resources at tertiary level

Cazes, Claire; Gueudet, Ghislaine; Hersant, Magali; Vandebrouck, Fabrice

We organised two experimental teaching designs involving web resources in two different French universities. In this paper, we describe these experiments and analyse the students' behaviours. Our aim is to observe whether the use of specific online resources favours the development of problem-solvin...

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Physical activity, Contexts and effects on health, Synthesis and recommendations

Physical activity Contexts and effects on health Synthesis and recommendations This document summarises the work of the group of experts assembled by Inserm as part of the collective expert report procedure (appendix) carried out at the request of the French Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


PageDeb-SantÃ(C) Enfants.indd

Expertise opérationnelle Santé de l'enfant Propositions Santé de l'enfant Propositions pour un meilleur suivi pour un meilleur suivi La pratique des examens de santé systématiques chez l'enfant est solidement ancrée en France. Elle est associée à la généralisation du carnet de santé, à la mise en place ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


PECVD silicon carbide surface micromachining technology and selected MEMS applications

Rajaraman, V.; Pakula, L.S.; Yang, H.; French, P.J.; Sarro, P.M.

Attractive material properties of plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposited (PECVD) silicon carbide (SiC) when combined with CMOS-compatible low thermal budget processing provides an ideal technology platform for developing various microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices and merging them with ...

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Optimisation globale polynomiale appliquée à la rectification projective d'images non calibrées

Bugarin, Florian; Henrion, Didier; Sentenac, Thierry; Lasserre, Jean-Bernard; Orteu, Jean-José

L'article expose l'application d'une méthode d'optimisation globale au problème de la rectification projectives d'images non calibrées. La plupart des méthodes disponibles dans la littérature utilisent une méthode d'optimisation locale lors de l'étape de minimisation des distorsions projectives. L'a...

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On representing the relationship between the mathematical and the empirical

French, S.R.D.; Bueno, O.; Ladyman, J.

We examine, from the partial structures perspective, two forms of applicability of mathematics: at the “bottom” level, the applicability of theoretical structures to the “appearances”, and at the “top” level, the applicability of mathematical to physical theories. We argue that, to accommodate the...

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Nuclear Emergency Response Planning Based on Participatory Decision Analytic Approaches

Sinkko, Kari

This work was undertaken in order to develop methods and techniques for evaluating systematically and comprehensively protective action strategies in the case of a nuclear or radiation emergency. This was done in a way that the concerns and issues of all key players related to decisions on protectiv...

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Motion Control of a Three-Dimensional Eel-like Robot Without Pectoral Fins

El Rafei, Maher; Alamir, Mazen; Marchand, Nicolas; Porez, Mathieu; Boyer, Frédéric

In this paper, recent advances in the design of feedback laws for the 3D movement of an Eel-like robot are presented. Such a robot is under construction in the context of a national French robotic project. The proposed feedback enables the tracking of a desired 3D position of the Eel head as well as...

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Microsoft Word - biographie_PH_Romeo_en.doc

... the Hematology Department at the Institut Cochin, Inserm unit 567- CNRS UMR8603 2007 Director of the CEA's Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology and co-director of the Hematology Department at the Institut Cochin, Inserm unit 567- CNRS UMR8603 Awards 1972 Prestigious high school exam in mathematics ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


Les adverbes "zài" du chinois mandarin et "encore" et le système des temps verbaux

Donazzan, Marta; Schwer, Sylviane; Tovena, Lucia

The aim of this talk is to compare the semantics and distribution of the Mandarin adverb "zài" and the French adverb "encore". • We will characterize "encore" and "zài" as two repetitive adverbs, sharing the same presuppositional semantics ; • We will show that the interpretive and distributional di...

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Les Probabilités Défaillance comme Indicateurs de Performance des Barrières Techniques de Sécurité - Approche Analytique

Brissaud, Florent; Lanternier, Brice

French environmental laws require industrialists to include probability criteria in risk assessments, especially to define confidence levels for risk management measures. This paper presents the failure probabilities as efficient indicators for technical safety barrier performances. Generic formulas...

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Lectures on height zeta functions: At the confluence of algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, and analysis

Chambert-Loir, Antoine

These is a survey on the theory of height zeta functions, written on the occasion of a French-Japanese winter school, held in Miura (Kanagawa, Japan) in Jan. 2008. It does not presuppose much knowledge in algebraic geometry. The last chapter of the survey explains recent results obtained in collabor...

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Least-Squares Joint Diagonalization of a matrix set by a congruence transformation

Congedo, Marco; Pham, Dinh-Tuan

The approximate joint diagonalization (AJD) is an important analytic tool at the base of numerous independent component analysis (ICA) and other blind source separation (BSS) methods, thus finding more and more applications in medical imaging analysis. In this work we present a new AJD algorithm nam...

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Hunting French Ducks in a Noisy Environment

Berglund, Nils; Gentz, Barbara; Kuehn, Christian

We consider the effect of Gaussian white noise on fast-slow dynamical systems with one fast and two slow variables, containing a folded-node singularity. In the absence of noise, these systems are known to display mixed-mode oscillations, consisting of alternating large- and small-amplitude oscillat...

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Guilbaud's Theorem : An early contribution to judgment aggregation

Eckert, Daniel; Monjardet, Bernard

In a paper published in 1952, the French mathematician Georges-Théodule Guilbaud has generalized Arrow's impossibility result to the "logical problem of aggregation", thus anticipating the literature on abstract aggregation theory and judgment aggregation. We reconstruct the proof of Guilbaud's theo...

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Guilbaud's 1952 theorem on the logical problem of aggregation

Eckert, Daniel; Monjardet, Bernard

In a paper published in 1952, shortly after publication of Arrow's celebrated impossibility result, the French mathematicien Georges-Théodule Guilbaud has obtained a dictatorship result for the logical problem of aggregation, thus anticipating the literature on abstract aggregation theory and judgme...

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Gambling : Contexts and addictions

Gambling Contexts and addictions Collective expert report Summary and recommendations Inserm Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) This document presents the work conducted by the group of experts brought together by Inserm within ...

Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French)


French population exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields : first results in Ile-de-France and Rhône-Alpes regions

Bedja, Mfoihaya; Magne, Isabelle; Souques, Martine; Lombrozo, J.; Le Brusquet, Laurent; Fleury, Gilles; Azoulay, Alain

In 1979, a study indicated that childhood cancers might be linked to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field (Wertheimer, 1979). Leaning on numerous epidemiological studies, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified in 2001 ELF magnetic field as ”possibly carcinogenic to human”...

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French Roadmap for complex Systems 2008-2009

Chavalarias, David; Bourgine, Paul; Perrier, Edith; Amblard, Fréderic; Arlabosse, François; Auger, Pierre; Baillon, Jean-Bernard

A “complex system” is in general any system comprised of a great number of heterogeneous entities, among which local interactions create multiple levels of collective structure and organization. Examples include natural systems ranging from bio-molecules and living cells to human social systems and ...

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Development of numerical methods for the reactive transport of chemical species in a porous media : a nonlinear conjugate gradient method

Bouillard, Nicolas; Montarnal, Philippe; Herbin, Raphaele

In the framework of the evaluation of nuclear waste disposal safety, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is interested in modelling the reactive transport in porous media. At a given time step, the equation system of reactive-transport can be written as a system of nonlinear coupled equations ...

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Cop and robber games when the robber can hide and ride

Chalopin, Jérémie; Chepoi, Victor; Nisse, Nicolas; Vaxès, Yann

In the classical cop and robber game, two players, the cop C and the robber R, move alternatively along edges of a finite graph G = (V , E). The cop captures the robber if both players are on the same vertex at the same moment of time. A graph G is called cop win if the cop always captures the robber...

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Bayesian nonparametric model for clustering individual co-exposure to pesticides found in the French diet.

Crépet, Amélie; Tressou, Jessica

This work introduces a specific application of Bayesian nonparametric statistics to the food risk analysis framework. The goal was to determine the cocktails of pesticide residues to which the French population is simultaneously exposed through its current diet in order to study their possible combi...

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Analytic Continuation of some zeta functions

Bhowmik, Gautami

This is an expository paper on the meromorphic continuation of zeta functions with Euler products (for example zeta functions of groups and height zeta functions) or without (for example the Goldbach zeta function). As an application we show how a natural boundary of analytic continuation can give a...

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An experiment concerning mathematical proofs on computers with French undergraduate students

David, René; Raffalli, Christophe

We describe our experience of using PhoX (the prover of C Raffalli) with undergraduate students in mathematic (in third year) to help them to do correct proofs. They proved, among other things, Heine's theorem.

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An analogue of Serre fibrations for C*-algebra bundles

Echteroff, Siegfried; Nest, Ryszard; Oyono-Oyono, Hervé

We study an analogue of Serre fibrations in the setting of C-algebra bundles. We derive in this framework a Leray-Serre type spectral sequence. We investigate a class of examples which generalise on one hand principal bundles with a n-torus as structural group and on the other hand non-commutative t...

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APLUSIX, A learning environment for algebra, actual use and benefits

Chaachoua, Hamid; Nicaud, Jean-François; Bronner, Alain; Bouhineau, Denis

After a presentation of the APLUSIX system, a learning environment for formal algebra, we describe the use of this system in a French class of grade 10, in particular a sequence devoted to factorisations and equations, and an analysis of the students' work during this sequence. This study exhibits t...

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A reconstruction of the "Tables des logarithmes à huit décimales'' from the French "Service géographique de l'armée'' (1891)

Roegel, Denis

This document is a reconstruction of the tables of logarithms published by the French ''Service Géographique de l'Armée'' in 1891.

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A geometric approach to meaning computation

Venant, Fabienne

This paper presents a new kind of model for meaning construction within the framework ofcontinuous mathematics. Language is considered as a morphodynamic system following the basicprinciples of Gestalttheorie. In our model, linguistics units acquire meaning in a semantic space. The...

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A Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure for Technicians and Interventions Scheduling for Telecommunications

Boussier, Sylvain; Hashimoto, Hideki; Vasquez, Michel

The subject of the 5th challenge proposed by the French Society of Operations Research and Decision Analysis (ROADEF) consists in scheduling technicians and interventions for telecommunications ( or We detail the algorithm we pro...

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Geman, H.

Brownian motion played a central role throughout the twentieth century in probability theory. The same statement is even truer in finance, with the introduction in 1900 by the French mathematician Louis Bachelier of an arithmetic Brownian motion (or a version of it) to represent stock price dynamics...

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Geman, H.

Brownian motion played a central role throughout the twentieth century in probability theory. The same statement is even truer in finance, with the introduction in 1900 by the French mathematician Louis Bachelier of an arithmetic Brownian motion (or a version of it) to represent stock price dynamics...

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Section des établissements Rapport d'évaluation de l'INSERM : 1ère partie (version française) Rapport du comité international d'évaluation de l'INSERM : Améliorer l'avenir de la recherche dans le domaine des sciences de la vie et de la santé en France 2ère partie (version anglaise) "A Review of INSERM ...

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