Sample records for MANGROVES (mangroves)

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Origin and diagenesis of lignin and carbohydrates in mangrove sediments of Guadeloupe (French West Indies): Evidence for a two-step evolution of organic deposits

Lallier-Vergès, Elisabeth; Marchand, Cyril; Disnar, Jean-Robert; Lottier, Nathalie

The mangroves of Grande Terre Island (Guadeloupe, French West Indies) are known to store large amounts of organic carbon, and organic-rich sediments have been described to several meters depth. The purpose of the present work was to precisely determine the molecular composition (carbohydrates and li...

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Organic carbon sources and transformations in mangrove sediments: A Rock-Eval pyrolysis approach

Marchand, Cyril; Lallier-Vergès, Elisabeth; Disnar, Jean-Robert; Kéravis, Didier

A Rock-Eval pyrolysis study was carried out on sedimentary cores and leaf and woody tissue of vascular plant species from the mangroves of French Guiana. These forests develop on moving mudbanks and have a lifetime limited to few decades before being eroded. Our main purpose was to complete the unde...

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Trade-wind waves and mud dynamics on the French Guiana coast, South America: input from ERA-40 wave data and field investigations

Gratiot, Nicolas; Gardel, Antoine; Anthony, Edward

The South American coast between Brazil and Venezuela is affected by longshore migrating mud banks derived from the fine-grained Amazon sediment discharge. Onshore mud migration prevails over shallow ‘bank' areas alternating alongshore with deeper ‘inter-bank' areas. The transport on the inner shelf...

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