Sample records for MAGMATISME (magmatism)

Sample records 1 - 3 shown.


Transpressional tectonics and Carboniferous magmatism in the Limousin, Massif Central, France:structural and 40Ar/39Ar investigations.

Gébelin, Aude; Brunel, Maurice; Monié, Patrick; Faure, Michel; Arnaud, Nicolas

New structural, microstructural, and 40Ar/39Ar data from the NW Massif Central (France) provide additional constraints on the timing and tectonic setting of late Variscan granite magmatism. Previous studies had emphasized the role of late orogenic extension in the emplacement of granite plutons in t...

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Precambrian protoliths and Early Paleozoic magmatism in the French Massif Central: U–Pb data and the North Gondwana connection in the west European Variscan belt

Melleton, Jérémie; Cocherie, Alain; Faure, Michel; Rossi, Philippe

U–Pb geochronological data were collected on zircon by LA-MC-ICP-MS on orthogneiss and paragneiss from the Limousin area in the French Massif Central (FMC), in order to investigate the connection between the west European Variscan belt and the northern margin of Gondwana. Fifteen samples were collec...

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Potassic late orogenic Stephanian volcanism in the South West french Massif Central (Decazeville, Figeac, Lacapelle-Marival basins): an example for mantle metasomatism along strike-slip faults?

Lapierre, Henriette; Basile, Christophe; Berly, Thomas; Canard, Emmanuel

In the Southwestern part of the French Massif central (Decazeville basin, at the Sillon Houiller fault termination; Figeac and Lacapelle-Marival basins along the Argentat fault), Stephanian volcanism exhibits shoshonitic affinities. Their chondrite-normalized Rare Earth Element (REE) patterns are en...

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