Sample records for LAMINAIRES (laminaria)

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Conservation des laminaires apres sechage a tres hautes temperatures. Preservation of laminarians after drying at very high temperatures.

Perez René

Laminaria digitata is the only brown alga used in the French alginate industry. Air-dried and flash-dried (in a current of air at 200 to 850 degree C) algae were compared. Quality was assessed viscometrically and the results expressed graphically. Quality after drying and keeping properties were fou...

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Experimental processes of hybridization in the Laminariales of French coasts.

Cosson J; Gayral P

The research has shown that interspecific and intergeneric hybridization is possible in the Laminariales with variable rates according to the species used; these rates were determined precisely only following preliminary study where the rate of parthenogenetic development was evaluated for each part...

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Ecologie, croissance et regeneration, teneurs an acide alginique de Laminaria digitata sur les cotes francaises de la Manche Ecology, growth and regeneration, alginic acid content of Laminaria digitata on the French coast of the Channel

Perez René

A study of L. digitata was carried out over the period 1965 to 1970. Monthly examination of marked plants showed that there was no single period of growth during the yr although in the third year a phase of activity giving rise to an increase in the size of the lamina and fronds was evident. Ageing ...

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