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Avant-propos C'est à la demande de la Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie des profes- sions indépendantes (CANAM) que le présent travail de synthèse bibliogra- ... et physiologie, économie et sociologie de la santé, psychodynamique du travail, médecine du travail, épidémiologie d'interven- tion et santé ...

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... environnementaux et génétiques Expertise collective Croissance et puberté Croissance Évolutions séculaires, facteurs environnementaux et puberté et génétiques ... L'exploration des facteurs génétiques et environnementaux qui influencent la croissance et la Expertise collective maturation constitue un vaste ...

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Social Construction of Technical Aids - Personal Meaning and Interactional Effects of Disability and Assistive Devices in Everyday Life

Krantz, Oskar

This thesis concerns the role of disability and assistive devices in everyday life among persons with, for instance, impairments related to mobility (e.g. wheelchair users) and bodily shape and configuration (e.g. dysmelia). Assistive devices are seen as both includators (assisting participation and...

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Gambling : Contexts and addictions

This work is based on the scientific data available during the first quarter of 2008. Almost 1,250 articles have served as the documentary basis for this ... Collective expert report -2- 2008 Group of experts and authors Jean ADES, Service de psychiatrie, Hôpital Louis Mourier, Colombes Elisabeth BELMAS, ...

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First proposals for a web-based information system in archaeology: storage and interactivity for the preservation and the handling of Cultural Heritage data

Meyer, Elise; Grussenmeyer, Pierre; Perrin, Jean-Pierre

In the context of archaeology, information technologies begin to have an important role. This is particularly true for the management of the numerous data gathered about an archaeological site, and for information exchanges. The purpose of this paper is to present the first implementatio...

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