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When glaciers break the ice between several scientific horizons

Landes, Tania; Grussenmeyer, Pierre; Koehl, Mathieu

Twenty years of airborne photography, more then ten years of multi-spectral and radar images were a sufficient pretext for creating a cooperation between 4 French laboratories called the MEGATOR Group. Aim of this group is to demonstrate the interest of using high resolution optical and radar data t...

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N.05-06 BEH 2006.qxd

Numéro thématique La santé des personnes âgées RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE Institut de veille sanitaire n° 5-6/2006 7 février 2006 NUMÉRO THÉMATIQUE La santé des personnes âgées Éditorial Personnes âgées, vieillissement, vieillesse est confiée à la médecine, c'est là notre troisième remarque. La professionnalisation ...

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Long-term simulations of thermal and hydraulic characteristics in a mountain massif : the Mont-Blanc case study

Maréchal, Jean-Christophe; Perrochet, Pierre; Tacher, Laurent

The use of hydrothermal simulation models to improve the prediction of water inflows in underground works during drilling is tested in the Mont Blanc tunnel, French and Italian Alps. The negative thermal anomaly that was observed during the drilling of this tunnel in 1960 is reproduced by long-term,...

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