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Pathogenicity and taxonomy of Hypoxylon mammatum

French, D.W.; Hodges, C.S.; Froyd, J.D.

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Multidisciplinary approach to reconstructing local pastoral activities: an example from the Pyrenean Mountains (Pays Basqueq)

Mazier, F.; Galop, D.; Gaillard, M. J.; Rendu, C.; Cugny, C.; Legaz, A.; Peyron, O.; Buttler, A.

In this study archaeology, history and palaeoecology (modern and fossil data sets of pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs) were used to reconstruct small-scale pastoral activities in the Pyrenees Mountain during the last two millennia. Modern pollen assemblages from the major vegetation units (both na...

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Forest Disease Detection and Control

French, D.W.; Douglass, R.W.; Meyer, M.P.

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Diversity of Geotrichum candidum Strains Isolated from Traditional Cheesemaking Fabrications in France

Gu├ęguen, M.; Marcellino, N.; Grappin, R.; Beuvier, E.; Benson, D. R.

The diversity of French fungus-ripened cheeses is due partly to the succession of fungi that colonize the cheese during ripening. Geotrichum candidum appears in the early stages of ripening on soft cheeses such as Camembert and semihard cheeses such as St. Nectaire and Reblochon. Its lipases and pro...

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Decay of wood by species of the Xylariaceae

Merrill, W.; French, D.W.; Wood, F.A.

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