Sample records for EUTROPHISATION (eutrophication)

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Rapport final projet Liteau II. Modélisation intégrée des transferts de nutriments depuis les bassins versants de la Seine, la Somme et l'Escaut jusqu'en Manche-Mer du Nord Final report Liteau II. Integrated modeling of nutrients transfers from the watershed of the Seine river, the Somme river and the Scheldt river until the English Channel-North Sea

Lefebvre Alain

The main aim of the project was to produce quantitative assessment elements on past and future consequences of nutrient inputs from French and Belgian coastal rivers (Seine, Somme, Escaut) with regards to eutrophication status in the English Channel – North Sea. This project will reinforce implement...

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Poor species diversity and low live coral coverage on the Cahuita reef (Caribbean coast of Costa Rica) are presently attributed to enhanced terrigenous sediment inputs arising from forest clearance in nearby coastal plain catchments, The wider geomorphic context of a fringing ef community founded on...

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Patterns in nutrient limitation and chlorophyll a along an anthropogenic eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean coastal lagoons

Souchu Philippe; Bec Beatrice; Smith Val H.; Laugier Thierry; Fiandrino Annie; Benau Laurent; Orsoni Valerie; Collos Yves

A cross-ecosystem comparison of data obtained from 20 French Mediterranean lagoons with contrasting eutrophication status provided the basis for investigating the variables that best predict chlorophyll a (Chl a) concentrations and nutrient limitation of phytoplankton biomass along a strong nutrient...

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Nutrient dynamics at the sediment–water interface in a Mediterranean lagoon (Thau, France): Influence of biodeposition by shellfish farming activities

Mesnage, Valérie; Ogier, Sylvie; Bally, Gabriel; Disnar, Jean-Robert; Lottier, Nathalie; Dedieu, Karine; Rabouille, Christophe

The Thau Lagoon, a French Mediterranean shallow lagoon, is a site where extensive shellfish farming occurs. The aim of the present work is to evaluate the role of this activity on nutrient exchange at the sediment–water interface in relation to organic matter (OM) sedimentation and degradation. Two ...

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L'utilisation de modèles écologiques dans la lutte contre l'eutrophisation des eaux côtières françaises Using ecological models for fighting against eutrophication of the french coastal waters

Menesguen Alain

Increasing anthropogenic nitrogen and phosphorus loadings in some coastal areas have induced during the last twenty years excessive production of algal material, either phytoplanktonic or macrophytic. This so-called eutrophication phenomenon alters the usual structure of ecosystem and can lead to ma...

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L'eutrophisation des eaux marines et saumâtres en Europe, en particulier en France Coastal eutrophication: A review of the situation along the French coasts

Menesguen Alain; Aminot Alain; Belin Catherine; Chapelle Annie; Guillaud Jean-francois; Joanny Michel; Lefebvre Alain

In order to be able to count the cases of coastal eutrophication and to propose methods to monitor as well as to reduce these phenomena, first of all it is necessary to precisely define the word eutrophication itself. Instead of the strict etymological definition, that is to say a progression of...

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Détection satellitaire et modélisation opérationnelle de la production végétale non-fixée dans la bande côtière bretonne Remote sensing and operationnal modelling of non-fixed algal production on the French Brittany coastal shelf

Penard, Cédric

The negative impact of the man on the environment unquestionably increases. The coastal environment as a whole is the maritime environment which is the most exposed to man-made eutrophication. For instance, nitrate loads to coastal waters off Brittany (France) have increased 10 times (from 3 to s 30...

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Assessment of eutrophication of French Mediterranean lagoons in relation to meteorological interannual variability

Malet Nathalie; Derolez Valerie; Laugier Thierry; Munaron Dominique; Fiandrino Annie; Messiaen Gregory; Fortune Martine

Since recent decades, nutrient-related eutrophication, originating from agricultural use of fertilizer and population enhancement, can be considered worldwide as the main disturbance for coastal lagoons. Since coastal lagoons are very shallow and enclosed, their functioning is tightly linked to mete...

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