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         d* plus resonances (RESONANCES D* PLUS)
         d* zero resonances (RESONANCES D* ZERO)
         d*effect (effet d*)
         d*phenomenon (phenomene d*)
         d antiquarks (ANTIQUARKS D)
         d codes (CODES D)
         d mesons (MESONS D)
         d minus mesons (MESONS D MOINS)
         d plus mesons (MESONS D PLUS)
         d quarks (QUARKS D)
         d region (REGION D)
         d s mesons (MESONS D S)
         d states (ETATS D)
         d waves (ONDES D)
         d-branes (D-BRANES)
         d-d reactors (REACTEURS D-D)
         d-he reactors (REACTEURS D-HE)
         d-t reactors (REACTEURS D-T)
         dacron (DACRON)
         dacus (DACUS)
         dacus oleae (DACUS OLEAE)
         dahomey (dahomey)
         daily variations (VARIATIONS JOURNALIERES)
         dairy industry (INDUSTRIE LAITIERE)

         darmstadt storage ring (anneau de stockage darmstadt)
         darrieus rotors (ROTORS DARRIEUS)
         data (DONNEES)
         data acquisition (SAISIE DES DONNEES)
         data acquisition systems (SYSTEMES DE SAISIE DES DONNEES)
         data analysis (ANALYSE DES DONNEES)
         data base management (GESTION DE BASES DE DONNEES)
         data compilation (COMPILATION DE DONNEES)
         data compilation evaluated
         data covariances (COVARIANCES DE DONNEES)
         data display devices (dispositifs de visualisation de donnĂ©es)
         data display systems (systemes d'affichage de donnĂ©es)
         data forms (types de document d'information)
         data processing (TRAITEMENT DE L'INFORMATION)
         data storage devices (DISPOSITIFS DE STOCKAGE DES DONNEES)
         data tagging (ETIQUETAGE DES DONNEES)
         data transmission (TRANSMISSION DES DONNEES)
         data transmission systems (SYSTEMES DE TRANSMISSION DES DONNEES)
         data validation (validation d'informations)
         data-flow processing (TRAITEMENT DE FLUX DE DONNEES)
         dates (DATTES)
         dating (datation)
         datum pressure (pression de reference)
         daughter products (PRODUITS DE FILIATION)

         denitrification (DENITRIFICATION)
         denmark (DANEMARK)
         densimeters (DENSIMETRES)
         density (DENSITE)
         density carrier
         density charge
         density current
         density electron
         density energy
         density energy-level
         density flux
         density functional method (METHODE DE LA FONCTION DES DENSITES)
         density grain
         density ion
         density log (diagraphie de densite)
         density matrix (MATRICE DENSITE)
         density neutron
         density plasma
         density population
         density power
         density proton
         density spectral
         denting corrosion
         dentistry (DENTISTERIE)
         deoxycytidine (DESOXYCYTIDINE)

         dirac monopoles (MONOPOLES DE DIRAC)
         dirac operators (OPERATEURS DE DIRAC)
         direct collection converters (CONVERTISSEURS A COLLECTION DIRECTE)
         direct contact heat exchangers (ECHANGEURS DE CHALEUR A CONTACT DIRECT)
         direct current (COURANT CONTINU)
         direct cycle cooling systems (SYSTEMES DE REFROIDISSEMENT A CYCLE DIRECT)
         direct drive laser implosion (IMPLOSION LASER PAR ATTAQUE DIRECTE)
         direct energy conversion (CONVERSION DIRECTE D'ENERGIE)
         direct energy converters (CONVERTISSEURS DIRECTS D'ENERGIE)
         direct ethanol fuel cells (PILES A COMBUSTIBLES A OXYDATION DIRECTE D'ETHANOL)
         direct gain systems (SYSTEMES A GAIN DIRECT)
         direct injection engines (MOTEURS A INJECTION DIRECTE)
         direct methanol fuel cells (PILES A COMBUSTIBLE A METHANOL DIRECT)
         direct reactions (REACTIONS DIRECTES)
         direct solar radiation (RAYONNEMENT SOLAIRE DIRECT)
         directed-energy weapons (ARMES A ENERGIE DIRIGEE)
         directional correlation (CORRELATION EN DIRECTION)
         directional drilling (FORAGE DIRIGE)
         directional radiation detectors (DETECTEURS DE RAYONNEMENTS DIRECTIONNELS)
         directories (REPERTOIRES)
         dirichlet problem (PROBLEME DE DIRICHLET)
         dirigibles (dirigeables)
         dirty bombs
         disaccharides (DISACCHARIDES)

         drainage (DRAINAGE)
         drainage areas (aires de drainage)
         drainage systems (systemes de drainage)
         draperies (rideaux)
         drawdown (RABATTEMENT)
         drawing (ETIRAGE)
         dredging (DRAGAGE)
         dresden-1 reactor (REACTEUR DRESDEN-1)
         dresden-2 reactor (REACTEUR DRESDEN-2)
         dresden-3 reactor (REACTEUR DRESDEN-3)
         drf (FRD)
         drift chambers (CHAMBRES A DERIVE)
         drift electron
         drift instability (INSTABILITE DE DERIVE)
         drift ion
         drift plasma
         drift pumping (pompage de derive)
         drift tubes (TUBES DE GLISSEMENT)
         drill bits (TREPANS)
         drill cores (CAROTTES DE FORAGE)
         drill cuttings removal (evacuation des deblais de forage)
         drill holes (trous de foret)
         drill pipes (TIGES DE FORAGE)
         drill ships (navires de forage)
         drill stem testing (ESSAIS EN COURS DE FORAGE)