Sample records for CALCINOSE (calcinosis)

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Atteinte œsophagienne au cours des maladies systémiques

calcinose sous-cutanée (C), un syndrome de Raynaud. (R), une sclérodactylie (S) et des ..... neous calcinosis (C), Raynaud's syndrome, sclerodac- ...

IRevues (France)


Granulome éosinophile de Pestomae

de JM ANDRE - 1980diffuse chondro-calcinosis. Endoscopy, perfor- med during the emergency work-up, revealed diffuse gastritis as well as a polypoid structure ...

IRevues (France)


Granulome ?osinophile de Pestomae J.M. ANDR?, R.G. MARTI, Y.M. ...

The clinical work-up led to a diagnosis of familial idiopathic hemochromatosis with diffuse chondro-calcinosis. Endoscopy, perfor med during the emergency ...

IRevues (France)