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         cadmium carbides (CARBURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium carbonates (CARBONATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium chlorides (CHLORURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium complexes (COMPLEXES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium compounds (COMPOSES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium fluorides (FLUORURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium hydroxides (HYDROXYDES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium iodides (IODURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium ions (IONS CADMIUM)
         cadmium isotopes (ISOTOPES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium nitrates (NITRATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium oxides (OXYDES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium phosphates (PHOSPHATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium phosphides (PHOSPHURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium selenide solar cells (CELLULES SOLAIRES AU SELENIURE DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium silicates (SILICATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium sulfates (SULFATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium sulfide solar cells (CELLULES SOLAIRES AU SULFURE DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium sulfides (SULFURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium telluride detectors (TELLURURES DE CADMIUM (DETECTEURS))
         cadmium telluride solar cells (CELLULES SOLAIRES AU TELLURURE DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium tellurides (TELLURURES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium tungstates (TUNGSTATES DE CADMIUM)
         cadmium-air batteries (BATTERIES AIR-CADMIUM)
         caes (stockage d'energie sous forme d'air comprime)

         caes plant (centrale de stockage d'energie par air comprime)
         caesium (cesium)
         cafeterias (cafeterias)
         caffeine (CAFEINE)
         caking (AGGLUTINATION)
         caking power (POUVOIR AGGLUTINANT)
         calcination (CALCINATION)
         calcined wastes (DECHETS DE CALCINATION)
         calcinosis (CALCINOSE)
         calcite (CALCITE)
         calcitonin (CALCITONINE)
         calcium (CALCIUM)
         calcium 34 (CALCIUM 34)
         calcium 35 (CALCIUM 35)
         calcium 36 (CALCIUM 36)
         calcium 37 (CALCIUM 37)
         calcium 38 (CALCIUM 38)
         calcium 39 (CALCIUM 39)
         calcium 39 target (CIBLE CALCIUM 39)
         calcium 40 (CALCIUM 40)
         calcium 40 beams (FAISCEAUX DE CALCIUM 40)
         calcium 40 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CALCIUM 40)
         calcium 40 target (CIBLE CALCIUM 40)
         calcium 41 (CALCIUM 41)
         calcium 41 target (CIBLE CALCIUM 41)

         capsicum (CAPSICUM)
         capsules (CAPSULES)
         capsules irradiation
         capture (CAPTURE)
         capture-to-fission ratio (RAPPORT CAPTURE-FISSION)
         carassius (CARASSIUS)
         caraway (CARVI)
         carbamates (CARBAMATES)
         carbamide (CARBAMIDE)
         carbazides (CARBAZIDES)
         carbazoles (CARBAZOLES)
         carbides (CARBURES)
         carbinol (CARBINOL)
         carbohydrates (HYDRATES DE CARBONE)
         carbon (CARBONE)
         carbon 10 (CARBONE 10)
         carbon 10 beams (FAISCEAUX DE CARBONE 10)
         carbon 11 (CARBONE 11)
         carbon 11 beams (FAISCEAUX DE CARBONE 11)
         carbon 11 target (CIBLE CARBONE 11)
         carbon 12 (CARBONE 12)
         carbon 12 beams (FAISCEAUX DE CARBONE 12)
         carbon 12 emission decay (DESINTEGRATION PAR CARBONE 12)
         carbon 12 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CARBONE 12)
         carbon 12 target (CIBLE CARBONE 12)

         case law (JURISPRUDENCE)
         case method (METHODE DE CASE)
         casein (CASEINE)
         casimir effect (EFFET CASIMIR)
         casimir force (FORCE DE CASIMIR)
         casings (boisage)
         casings well
         caspian sea (MER CASPIENNE)
         cast iron (FONTE)
         caste insects
         casting (COULEE)
         casting molds (MOULES DE COULEE)
         castings (PIECES COULEES)
         castle project (PROJET CASTLE)
         castor (RICIN)
         castor oil (HUILE DE RICIN)
         castration (CASTRATION)
         cat scanning (EXPLORATION CAT)
         cat-ox process (procede cat-ox)
         catabolism (CATABOLISME)
         cataclysmic variable stars (ETOILES VARIABLES EXPLOSIVES)
         catalase (CATALASE)
         catalogs (CATALOGUES)
         catalysis (CATALYSE)

         central intelligence agency (agence centrale de renseignement des etats-unis (cia))
         central nervous system (SYSTEME NERVEUX CENTRAL)
         central nervous system agents (AGENTS DU SYSTEME NERVEUX CENTRAL)
         central nervous system depressants (DEPRESSEURS DU SYSTEME NERVEUX CENTRAL)
         central nervous system stimulants (STIMULANTS DU SYSTEME NERVEUX CENTRAL)
         central potential (POTENTIEL CENTRAL)
         central receiver power plants (centrales solaires a recepteur central)
         central receiver test facility (INSTALLATION D'ESSAIS DE RECEPTEURS CENTRAUX)
         central receivers (TOURS RECEPTRICES CENTRALES)
         central region (region centrale (etats-unis))
         centrally planned economies (ECONOMIES PLANIFIEES)
         centre-of-mass system (systeme du centre de masse)
         centrifugal pumps (POMPES CENTRIFUGES)
         centrifugation (CENTRIFUGATION)
         centrifuge enrichment plants (USINES DE CENTRIFUGATION)
         centrifuges (CENTRIFUGEUSES)
         centro informazioni studi esperienze (centro informazioni studi esperienze)
         centromeres (CENTROMERES)
         cephalins (CEPHALINES)
         ceramic melters (FOURS DE VITRIFICATION)
         ceramics (CERAMIQUES)
         ceramics industry (INDUSTRIE DE LA CERAMIQUE)
         ceramography (CERAMOGRAPHIE)
         cercaria (CERCAIRE)
         cercla (cercla)

         cereals (CEREALES)
         cerebellum (CERVELET)
         cerebral arteries (ARTERES CEREBRALES)
         cerebral cortex (CORTEX CEREBRAL)
         cerebrospinal fluid (LIQUIDE CEPHALO-RACHIDIEN)
         cerebrum (TELENCEPHALE)
         cerite (CERITE)
         cerium (CERIUM)
         cerium 119 (CERIUM 119)
         cerium 120 (CERIUM 120)
         cerium 121 (CERIUM 121)
         cerium 122 (CERIUM 122)
         cerium 123 (CERIUM 123)
         cerium 124 (CERIUM 124)
         cerium 125 (CERIUM 125)
         cerium 126 (CERIUM 126)
         cerium 127 (CERIUM 127)
         cerium 128 (CERIUM 128)
         cerium 129 (CERIUM 129)
         cerium 130 (CERIUM 130)
         cerium 131 (CERIUM 131)
         cerium 132 (CERIUM 132)
         cerium 133 (CERIUM 133)
         cerium 134 (CERIUM 134)
         cerium 135 (CERIUM 135)

         cerium 136 (CERIUM 136)
         cerium 137 (CERIUM 137)
         cerium 138 (CERIUM 138)
         cerium 138 target (CIBLE CERIUM 138)
         cerium 139 (CERIUM 139)
         cerium 140 (CERIUM 140)
         cerium 141 (CERIUM 141)
         cerium 142 (CERIUM 142)
         cerium 142 target (CIBLE CERIUM 142)
         cerium 143 (CERIUM 143)
         cerium 144 (CERIUM 144)
         cerium 145 (CERIUM 145)
         cerium 146 (CERIUM 146)
         cerium 147 (CERIUM 147)
         cerium 148 (CERIUM 148)
         cerium 149 (CERIUM 149)
         cerium 150 (CERIUM 150)
         cerium 151 (CERIUM 151)
         cerium 152 (CERIUM 152)
         cerium 153 (CERIUM 153)
         cerium 154 (CERIUM 154)
         cerium 155 (CERIUM 155)
         cerium 156 (CERIUM 156)
         cerium 157 (CERIUM 157)
         cerium additions (ADDITIONS DE CERIUM)

         cesium 125 (CESIUM 125)
         cesium 126 (CESIUM 126)
         cesium 127 (CESIUM 127)
         cesium 128 (CESIUM 128)
         cesium 129 (CESIUM 129)
         cesium 130 (CESIUM 130)
         cesium 131 (CESIUM 131)
         cesium 131 target (CIBLE CESIUM 131)
         cesium 132 (CESIUM 132)
         cesium 132 target (CIBLE CESIUM 132)
         cesium 133 (CESIUM 133)
         cesium 133 target (CIBLE CESIUM 133)
         cesium 134 (CESIUM 134)
         cesium 134 target (CIBLE CESIUM 134)
         cesium 135 (CESIUM 135)
         cesium 135 target (CIBLE CESIUM 135)
         cesium 136 (CESIUM 136)
         cesium 137 (CESIUM 137)
         cesium 137 target (CIBLE CESIUM 137)
         cesium 138 (CESIUM 138)
         cesium 139 (CESIUM 139)
         cesium 140 (CESIUM 140)
         cesium 141 (CESIUM 141)
         cesium 142 (CESIUM 142)
         cesium 143 (CESIUM 143)

         cesium silicates (SILICATES DE CESIUM)
         cesium sulfates (SULFATES DE CESIUM)
         cesium sulfides (SULFURES DE CESIUM)
         cesium tellurides (TELLURURES DE CESIUM)
         cestodes (CESTODES)
         cetaceans (CETACES)
         ceylon (CEYLAN)
         cfc (CFC)
         cfff (cfff)
         cfrp program (PROGRAMME CFRP)
         cfu colony forming units
         chad (TCHAD)
         chain conveyors (TRANSPORTEURS A CHAINES)
         chain reactions (REACTIONS NUCLEAIRES EN CHAINE)
         chains (CHAINES)
         chalcogenides (CHALCOGENURES)
         chalcopyrite (CHALCOPYRITE)
         chalk (CRAIE)
         chalk river (CHALK RIVER)
         chalk river cyclotron (cyclotron chalk river)
         chalk river nuclear labs (CHALK RIVER NUCLEAR LABS)
         chalks (craie)
         chamber furnaces (FOURS A CHAMBRE)
         chamber ovens (fours a chambre)
         chandrasekhar theory (THEORIE DE CHANDRASEKHAR)

         channeling (CANALISATION)
         channels reactor
         chaos theory (THEORIE DU CHAOS)
         chapman-enskog theory (THEORIE DE CHAPMAN-ENSKOG)
         chapman-ferraro problem (PROBLEME DE CHAPMAN-FERRARO)
         chapman-kolmogorov equation (EQUATION DE CHAPMAN-KOLMOGOROV)
         char oil energy development process (procede de developpement d'energie a partir des residus charbonneux d'huile)
         charcoal (CHARBON DE BOIS)
         charge carriers (PORTEURS DE CHARGE)
         charge collection (COLLECTION DES CHARGES)
         charge conjugation invariance (INVARIANCE PAR CONJUGAISON DE CHARGE)
         charge conservation (CONSERVATION DE CHARGE)
         charge density (DENSITE DE CHARGES)
         charge distribution (DISTRIBUTION DES CHARGES)
         charge exchange (ECHANGE DE CHARGE)
         charge independence (INDEPENDANCE DE CHARGE)
         charge radius nuclear
         charge radius particle
         charge ratio (rapport de charge)
         charge renormalization (RENORMALISATION DE CHARGE)
         charge state batteries
         charge state distributions (DISTRIBUTIONS DES ETATS DE CHARGE)
         charge states (ETATS DE CHARGES)
         charge transport (TRANSPORT DE CHARGE)
         charge-coupled devices (DISPOSITIFS A TRANSFERT DE CHARGE)

         charge-exchange interactions (INTERACTIONS PAR ECHANGE DE CHARGE)
         charge-exchange reactions (REACTIONS D'ECHANGE DE CHARGE)
         charged currents (COURANTS CHARGES)
         charged particle detection (DETECTION DES PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged particles (PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged-current interactions (INTERACTIONS PAR COURANTS CHARGES)
         charged-particle activation analysis (ANALYSE PAR ACTIVATION AUX PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged-particle precipitation (PRECIPITATION DE PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged-particle reactions (REACTIONS PAR PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged-particle transport (TRANSPORT DES PARTICULES CHARGEES)
         charged-particle transport theory (THEORIE DU TRANSPORT DES PARTICULES)
         charges (FRAIS FINANCIERS)
         charging fission reactor
         charging fusion reactor
         charging machines fission reactor
         chariot event (explosion chariot)
         charm particles (PARTICULES CHARMEES)
         charmonium (CHARMONIUM)
         charpy test (ESSAI CHARPY)
         charts (graphiques)
         chattanooga (CHATTANOOGA)
         chattanooga formation (FORMATION DE CHATTANOOGA)
         cheese (FROMAGE)
         chelates (CHELATES)

         chelating agents (AGENTS CHELATANTS)
         chemical activation (ACTIVATION PAR VOIE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical activity (ACTIVITE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical analysis (ANALYSE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical attractants (SUBSTANCES CHIMIQUES ATTRACTIVES)
         chemical bonds (LIAISONS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical coating (REVETEMENT PAR VOIE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical composition (COMPOSITION CHIMIQUE)
         chemical dosemeters (DOSIMETRES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical effects of nuclear transformations (EFFETS CHIMIQUES DES TRANSFORMATIONS NUCLEAIRES)
         chemical effluents (EFFLUENTS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical engineering (GENIE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical explosions (EXPLOSIONS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical explosives (EXPLOSIFS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical feedstocks (MATIERES PREMIERES POUR LA CHIMIE)
         chemical heat pipes (caloducs chimiques)
         chemical heat pumps (POMPES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical heat storage (stockage thermochimique)
         chemical industry (INDUSTRIE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical lasers (LASERS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical machining (USINAGE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical milling (fraisage chimique)
         chemical mutagens (MUTAGENES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical oxygen demand (DEMANDE CHIMIQUE EN OXYGENE)

         chemical physics (CHIMIE PHYSIQUE)
         chemical plants (USINES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical polishing (POLISSAGE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical preparation (PREPARATION PAR VOIE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical properties (PROPRIETES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical radiation detectors (DETECTEURS CHIMIQUES DE RAYONNEMENTS)
         chemical radiation effects (EFFETS CHIMIQUES DES RAYONNEMENTS)
         chemical reaction kinetics (CINETIQUE DES REACTIONS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical reaction yield (RENDEMENT DES REACTIONS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical reactions (REACTIONS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical reactors (REACTEURS CHIMIQUES)
         chemical shift (DEPLACEMENT CHIMIQUE)
         chemical shimming (COMPENSATION CHIMIQUE)
         chemical state (ETAT CHIMIQUE)
         chemical vapor deposition (DEPOT CHIMIQUE EN PHASE VAPEUR)
         chemical warfare (GUERRE CHIMIQUE)
         chemical warfare agents (ARMES CHIMIQUES)
         chemical wastes (DECHETS CHIMIQUES)
         chemically active fluidized bed process (procede chimiquement actif en lit fluidise (procede cafb))
         chemicals (produits chimiques)
         chemico process (procede chemico)
         chemiluminescence (CHIMILUMINESCENCE)
         chemisorption (CHIMISORPTION)
         chemistry (CHIMIE)

         choline (CHOLINE)
         cholinesterase (CHOLINESTERASE)
         chondrites (CHONDRITES)
         chooz-a reactor (REACTEUR CHOOZ)
         choppers beam
         chorioallantoic membrane (CHORIO-ALLANTOIDE)
         choroid (CHOROIDE)
         christmas trees (arbres de noel)
         chromates (CHROMATES)
         chromatic aberrations (ABERRATIONS CHROMATIQUES)
         chromatid deletions (DELETIONS DE CHROMATIDE)
         chromatin (CHROMATINE)
         chromatographic columns (COLONNES CHROMATOGRAPHIQUES)
         chromatography (CHROMATOGRAPHIE)
         chrome violet (VIOLET AU CHROME)
         chromel (CHROMEL)
         chromel a (CHROMEL A)
         chromel c (CHROMEL C)
         chromic acid (ACIDE CHROMIQUE)
         chromites (CHROMITES)
         chromium (CHROME)
         chromium 42 (CHROME 42)
         chromium 43 (CHROME 43)
         chromium 44 (CHROME 44)
         chromium 45 (CHROME 45)

         chromium 46 (CHROME 46)
         chromium 47 (CHROME 47)
         chromium 48 (CHROME 48)
         chromium 49 (CHROME 49)
         chromium 50 (CHROME 50)
         chromium 50 target (CIBLE CHROME 50)
         chromium 51 (CHROME 51)
         chromium 52 (CHROME 52)
         chromium 52 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CHROME 52)
         chromium 52 target (CIBLE CHROME 52)
         chromium 53 (CHROME 53)
         chromium 53 target (CIBLE CHROME 53)
         chromium 54 (CHROME 54)
         chromium 54 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CHROME 54)
         chromium 54 target (CIBLE CHROME 54)
         chromium 55 (CHROME 55)
         chromium 56 (CHROME 56)
         chromium 56 target (CIBLE CHROME 56)
         chromium 57 (CHROME 57)
         chromium 58 (CHROME 58)
         chromium 59 (CHROME 59)
         chromium 60 (CHROME 60)
         chromium 61 (CHROME 61)
         chromium 62 (CHROME 62)
         chromium 63 (CHROME 63)

         closures (FERMETURES)
         clothing (VETEMENTS)
         cloud chambers (CHAMBRES A NUAGE)
         cloud cover (COUVERTURE NUAGEUSE)
         cloudiness meteorology
         clouds (NUAGES)
         cloudy crystal ball model (MODELE DE LA BOULE DE CRISTAL ABSORBANTE)
         clover (TREFLE)
         cluster beam injection (INJECTION DE FAISCEAUX D'AGREGATS)
         cluster beams (FAISCEAUX D'AGREGATS)
         cluster emission model (MODELE D'EMISSION D'AGREGATS)
         cluster expansion (DEVELOPPEMENT DU VIRIEL)
         cluster model (MODELE D'AGREGATS)
         cluster model nuclear
         cluster model particle
         clusters fuel elements
         clusters galaxy
         clusters ion
         clusters solid
         clusters star
         cmni (CMNI)
         cmpo (CMPO)
         cn method (methode cn)
         cnen (CNEN)
         cng process (PROCEDE CNG DE DESULFURATION)

         coal mines (MINES DE CHARBON)
         coal mining (EXPLOITATION DU CHARBON)
         coal pastes (PATES DE CHARBON)
         coal planers (rabots d'abattage du charbon)
         coal plows (RABOTS D'ABATTAGE DU CHARBON)
         coal preparation (PREPARATION DU CHARBON)
         coal preparation plants (INSTALLATIONS DE PREPARATION DU CHARBON)
         coal producing districts (DISTRICTS HOUILLERS)
         coal rank (DEGRE DE HOUILLIFICATION)
         coal reserves (RESERVES DE CHARBON)
         coal seams (COUCHES DE CHARBON)
         coal tar (GOUDRON DE HOUILLE)
         coal tar acids (ACIDES DE GOUDRON DE HOUILLE)
         coal tar bases (BASES DE GOUDRON DE HOUILLE)
         coal tar oils (HUILES DE GOUDRON DE HOUILLE)
         coal-derived gases (gaz derives du charbon)
         coal-derived liquids (LIQUIDES DERIVES DU CHARBON)
         coal-fired gas turbines (TURBINES A GAZ ALIMENTEES AU CHARBON)
         coal-fired mhd generators (GENERATEURS MHD ALIMENTES AU CHARBON)
         coal-oil mixtures (melanges charbon-petrole)
         coalbed methane (methane de houille)
         coalescence (COALESCENCE)
         coalification (HOUILLIFICATION)
         coarse control rods (BARRES DE REGLAGE GROSSIER)
         coarse mesh method (MAILLAGES GROSSIERS)

         cobalt 59 (COBALT 59)
         cobalt 59 reactions (REACTIONS PAR COBALT 59)
         cobalt 59 target (CIBLE COBALT 59)
         cobalt 60 (COBALT 60)
         cobalt 60 target (CIBLE COBALT 60)
         cobalt 61 (COBALT 61)
         cobalt 62 (COBALT 62)
         cobalt 63 (COBALT 63)
         cobalt 64 (COBALT 64)
         cobalt 65 (COBALT 65)
         cobalt 66 (COBALT 66)
         cobalt 67 (COBALT 67)
         cobalt 68 (COBALT 68)
         cobalt 69 (COBALT 69)
         cobalt 70 (COBALT 70)
         cobalt 72 (COBALT 72)
         cobalt 73 (COBALT 73)
         cobalt 74 (COBALT 74)
         cobalt 75 (COBALT 75)
         cobalt additions (ADDITIONS DE COBALT)
         cobalt alloys (ALLIAGES DE COBALT)
         cobalt arsenides (ARSENIURES DE COBALT)
         cobalt base alloys (ALLIAGES A BASE DE COBALT)
         cobalt borides (BORURES DE COBALT)
         cobalt bromides (BROMURES DE COBALT)

         columns thermal
         combined collectors (CAPTEURS COMBINES)
         combined cycles (CYCLES COMBINES)
         combined gas and steam cycle power plants (CENTRALES A CYCLES COMBINES GAZ-VAPEUR)
         combined heat-power generation (PRODUCTION COMBINEE CHALEUR-ELECTRICITE)
         combined pinch devices linear
         combined steam-power generation (PRODUCTION COMBINEE VAPEUR-ELECTRICITE)
         combined-cycle power plants (CENTRALES A CYCLES COMBINES)
         combustion (COMBUSTION)
         combustion chambers (CHAMBRES DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion control (REGULATION DE LA COMBUSTION)
         combustion engineering gasification process (procede de gaseification combustion engineering)
         combustion engineering standard reactor (COMBUSTION ENGINEERING (REACTEUR TYPE))
         combustion gases (GAZ DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion heat (CHALEUR DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion instability (INSTABILITE DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion kinetics (CINETIQUE DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion products (PRODUITS DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion properties (PROPRIETES DE COMBUSTION)
         combustion waves (ONDES DE COMBUSTION)
         comecon (COMECON)
         comets (COMETES)

         competitive protein binding (LIAISON PROTEIQUE COMPETITIVE)
         compiled data (DONNEES COMPILEES)
         complement (COMPLEMENT)
         complex manifolds (VARIETES COMPLEXES)
         complex terrain (TERRAIN ACCIDENTE)
         complexes (COMPLEXES)
         complexing agents (agents complexants)
         compliance audits (CONTROLES TECHNIQUES DE CONFORMITE)
         component cooling systems (systemes de refroidissement des auxiliaires)
         composite materials (MATERIAUX COMPOSITES)
         composite models (MODELES COMPOSITES)
         compost (COMPOST)
         composting (COMPOSTAGE)
         compound nuclei (NOYAUX COMPOSES)
         compound-nucleus reactions (REACTIONS DE NOYAU COMPOSE)
         compounds inorganic
         compounds organic
         compressed air (AIR COMPRIME)
         compressed air energy storage (STOCKAGE D'AIR COMPRIME)
         compressed air energy storage equipment (EQUIPEMENTS DE STOCKAGE D'AIR COMPRIME)
         compressed air storage power plants (CENTRALES A STOCKAGE D'AIR COMPRIME)
         compressed gases (GAZ COMPRIMES)
         compressed work week (semaine de travail compressee (gouv. canadien))
         compressibility (COMPRESSIBILITE)

         compressible flow (ECOULEMENT COMPRESSIBLE)
         compression (COMPRESSION)
         compression ratio (TAUX DE COMPRESSION)
         compression strength (RESISTANCE A LA COMPRESSION)
         compressor blades (AILETTES DE TURBOCOMPRESSEUR)
         compressors (COMPRESSEURS)
         compton effect (EFFET COMPTON)
         compton scattering (DIFFUSION COMPTON)
         compton scattering tomography (TOMOGRAPHIE PAR DIFFUSION COMPTON)
         compton wavelength (LONGUEUR D'ONDE DE COMPTON)
         computational fluid dynamics (mecanique des fluides numerique)
         computed tomography (tomographie assistee par ordinateur)
         computer architecture (ARCHITECTURE D'UN SYSTEME INFORMATIQUE)
         computer axial tomography scanning (balayage tomographique axial assiste par ordinateur)
         computer calculations (CALCULS SUR MACHINE)
         computer codes (CODES INFORMATIQUES)
         computer graphics (INFOGRAPHIE)
         computer languages (LANGAGES MACHINE)
         computer networks (RESEAUX D'ORDINATEURS)
         computer output devices (PERIPHERIQUES DE SORTIE)
         computer program documentation (DOCUMENTATION DE LOGICIELS)
         computer programming (programmation sur ordinateur)
         computer programs (PROGRAMMES INFORMATIQUES)
         computer simulation (simulation par ordinateur)
         computer-aided design (CONCEPTION ASSISTEE PAR ORDINATEUR)

         computer-aided instruction (ENSEIGNEMENT ASSISTE PAR ORDINATEUR)
         computer-aided manufacturing (FABRICATION ASSISTEE PAR ORDINATEUR)
         computer-graphics devices (DISPOSITIFS D'AFFICHAGE GRAPHIQUE)
         computerized control systems (SYSTEMES INFORMATISES D'AIDE AU PILOTAGE)
         computerized simulation (SIMULATION PAR ORDINATEUR)
         computerized tomography (TOMOGRAPHIE INFORMATISEE)
         computers (CALCULATEURS)
         concanavalin a (CONCANAVALINE A)
         concentrates ore
         concentrating collectors (CAPTEURS A CONCENTRATION)
         concentration (concentration)
         concentration analytical
         concentration dependence (INFLUENCE DE LA CONCENTRATION)
         concentration processes ecological
         concentration ratio (FACTEUR DE CONCENTRATION)
         concentrations radionuclides
         concentrators (DISPOSITIFS DE CONCENTRATION)
         concrete blocks (BLOCS DE BETON)
         concrete stringers (LONGRINES POUR BETON ARME)
         concrete-plastic composites (MATERIAUX COMPOSITES BETON-PLASTIQUE)
         concretes (BETONS)
         concretions (CONCRETIONS)
         condensates (CONDENSATS)
         condensation chambers (CHAMBRES A CONDENSATION)
         condensation nuclei (NOYAUX DE CONDENSATION)

         construction permits (PERMIS DE CONSTRUIRE)
         construction work in progress (travaux de construction en cours)
         constructive field theory (THEORIE CONSTRUCTIVE DES CHAMPS)
         consultants (INGENIEURS CONSEIL)
         consultation mechanism on sea dumping (mecanisme de consultation pour l'immersion de dĂ©chets radioactifs en mer)
         consumer guides (guides du consommateur)
         consumer price index (INDICE DES PRIX A LA CONSOMMATION)
         consumer prices (prix au consommateur)
         consumer products (PRODUITS DE CONSOMMATION)
         consumer protection (PROTECTION DU CONSOMMATEUR)
         consumers power company midland-1 (reacteur midland-1 de la compagnie consumers power)
         consumers power company midland-2 (reacteur midland-2 de la compagnie consumers power)
         consumption rates (TAUX DE CONSOMMATION)
         contact handling (INTERVENTION AU CONTACT)
         contact radiotherapy (RADIOTHERAPIE DE CONTACT)
         contactors (CONTACTEURS)
         contacts electric
         contained explosions (EXPLOSIONS CONTENUES)
         containers (CONTENEURS)
         containment buildings (ENCEINTES DE CONFINEMENT)
         containment research installation (CONTAINMENT RESEARCH INSTALLATION)
         containment shells (ENCEINTES DE SURETE)
         containment systems (SYSTEMES DE CONFINEMENT)
         containment systems experiment (CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS EXPERIMENT)

         contamination (CONTAMINATION)
         contamination internal
         contamination regulations (REGLEMENTS SUR LA CONTAMINATION)
         contamination surface
         content analysis (TENEURS (DETERMINATION))
         continental crust (CROUTE CONTINENTALE)
         continental margin (MARGE CONTINENTALE)
         continental shelf (PLATEAU CONTINENTAL)
         continental slope (TALUS CONTINENTAL)
         continued fractions (FRACTIONS CONTINUES)
         continuity equations (EQUATIONS DE CONTINUITE)
         continuous culture (CULTURE EN CONTINU)
         continuous current tokamak (TOKAMAK A FONCTIONNEMENT CONTINU)
         continuous intake (APPORT CONTINU)
         continuous irradiation (IRRADIATION CONTINUE)
         continuous miners (MINEURS CONTINUS)
         continuous vacuum casting (coulee continue sous vide)
         continuum shell model (CONTINUUM (MODELES EN COUCHES))
         contract administration (gestion de contrat)
         contract management (GESTION DE CONTRATS)
         contracting of energy services (prestation de distribution d'energie)
         contraction (CONTRACTION)
         contractor personnel (AGENTS CONTRACTUELS SOUS-TRAITANTS)
         contractors (SOUS-TRAITANTS)

         convention on nuclear safety (CONVENTION SUR LA SURETE NUCLEAIRE)
         convention on physical protection of nuclear material (CONVENTION SUR LA PROTECTION PHYSIQUE DES MATIERES NUCLEAIRES)
         convention on supplementary compensation for nuclear damage (convention sur l'indemnisation supplementaire pour les dommages nuclĂ©aires)
         convention on the physical protection of nuclear materials (convention sur la protection physique des matieres nucleaires)
         conventional warfare (GUERRE CONVENTIONNELLE)
         conventions (CONVENTIONS)
         convergence (CONVERGENCE)
         conversion (CONVERSION)
         conversion nuclear fuel
         conversion ratio (FACTEUR DE CONVERSION)
         converters analog-digital
         converters digital-analog
         converters electric
         converters image
         converters pulse
         convex manifolds (VARIETES CONVEXES)
         conveyors (TRANSPORTEURS)
         cony (connil (lapin))
         cook inlet (detroit de cook)
         cook-1 reactor (REACTEUR COOK-1)
         cook-2 reactor (REACTEUR COOK-2)
         cooking (cuisson)
         cooking food
         coolant cleanup systems (SYSTEMES DE PURIFICATION DU REFRIGERANT)
         coolant loops (BOUCLES DE REFROIDISSEMENT)

         copolymers (COPOLYMERES)
         copper (CUIVRE)
         copper 52 (CUIVRE 52)
         copper 53 (CUIVRE 53)
         copper 54 (CUIVRE 54)
         copper 55 (CUIVRE 55)
         copper 56 (CUIVRE 56)
         copper 57 (CUIVRE 57)
         copper 58 (CUIVRE 58)
         copper 59 (CUIVRE 59)
         copper 60 (CUIVRE 60)
         copper 61 (CUIVRE 61)
         copper 61 target (CIBLE CUIVRE 61)
         copper 62 (CUIVRE 62)
         copper 63 (CUIVRE 63)
         copper 63 beams (FAISCEAUX DE CUIVRE 63)
         copper 63 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CUIVRE 63)
         copper 63 target (CIBLE CUIVRE 63)
         copper 64 (CUIVRE 64)
         copper 64 target (CIBLE CUIVRE 64)
         copper 65 (CUIVRE 65)
         copper 65 reactions (REACTIONS PAR CUIVRE 65)
         copper 65 target (CIBLE CUIVRE 65)
         copper 66 (CUIVRE 66)
         copper 67 (CUIVRE 67)

         core barrel (carottier)
         core catchers (RECUPERATEURS DE CORIUM)
         core earth
         core flooding systems (SYSTEMES D'INONDATION DU COEUR)
         core polarization nuclei
         core spray systems (SYSTEMES D'ASPERSION DU COEUR)
         cores drill
         cores magnet
         cores magnetic
         cores nuclear
         cores reactor
         coring equipment (equipement de carottage)
         coring fluids (FLUIDES DE CAROTTAGE)
         coriolis force (FORCE DE CORIOLIS)
         corium (CORIUM)
         cork (LIEGE)
         corn maize
         corn oil (HUILE DE MAIS)
         cornea (CORNEE)
         cornell university zero power reactor (reacteur de puissance nulle universite de cornell)
         corona counters (TUBES COMPTEURS COURONNE)
         corona discharges (DECHARGES EN COURONNE)
         corona solar
         coronae stellar
         coronaries (CORONAIRES)

         coulomb excitation (EXCITATION COULOMBIENNE)
         coulomb field (CHAMP COULOMBIEN)
         coulomb ionization (IONISATION COULOMBIENNE)
         coulomb potential (POTENTIEL COULOMBIEN)
         coulomb repulsion (REPULSION COULOMBIENNE)
         coulomb scattering (DIFFUSION COULOMBIENNE)
         coumarin (COUMARINE)
         council for mutual economic assistance (CONSEIL D'ASSISTANCE ECONOMIQUE MUTUELLE)
         council on environmental quality (conseil sur la qualite environnementale)
         counter current (CONTRE-COURANT)
         counterflow cooling towers (REFRIGERANTS A CONTRE-COURANT)
         counterflow systems (DISPOSITIFS A CONTRE-COURANT)
         counters radiation
         counting circuits (CIRCUITS DE COMPTAGE)
         counting rates (TAUX DE COMPTAGE)
         counting techniques (TECHNIQUES DE COMPTAGE)
         counting tubes (TUBES DE COMPTAGE)
         county buildings (batiments du comte)
         couple corrosion (corrosion par couple galvanique)
         coupled channel born approximation (APPROXIMATION DE BORN DES CANAUX COUPLES)
         coupled channel theory (THEORIE DES CANAUX COUPLES)
         coupled fast reactor measurement facility (installation de mesure de reacteur a neutron rapide couple)
         coupled reactor cores (COEURS DE REACTEURS COUPLES)
         coupling (COUPLAGE)
         coupling constants (CONSTANTES DE COUPLAGE)

         crack propagation (PROPAGATION DES FISSURES)
         cracking (CRAQUAGE)
         cracks (FISSURES)
         craftsmen (ARTISANS)
         cranes (GRUES)
         cranking model (MODELE CRANKING)
         cratering explosions (EXPLOSIONS CRATERISANTES)
         craters (CRATERES)
         cray computers (ORDINATEURS CRAY)
         cre (ecr (effets cumulatifs des rayonnements))
         creatine (CREATINE)
         creatinine (CREATININE)
         creation operators (OPERATEURS DE CREATION)
         credit accounts (COMPTES CREDITEURS)
         credit cards (CARTES DE CREDIT)
         credits (credits)
         creeks (RUISSEAUX)
         creep (FLUAGE)
         creosote (CREOSOTE)
         crepis (CREPIS)
         cresols (CRESOLS)
         cretaceous period (CRETACE)
         creys-malville reactor (REACTEUR CREYS MALVILLE)
         crg processes (PROCEDES CRG)
         crime (INFRACTION)

         cumulative exposure index (INDICE D'EXPOSITION CUMULEE)
         cumulative liability (RESPONSABILITE SOLIDAIRE)
         cumulative radiation effects (EFFETS CUMULATIFS DES RAYONNEMENTS)
         cunico (CUNICO)
         cupferron (CUPFERRON)
         curcumin (CURCUMINE)
         curie law (LOI DE CURIE)
         curie point (POINT DE CURIE)
         curie temperature (TEMPERATURE DE CURIE)
         curie-weiss law (LOI DE CURIE-WEISS)
         curite (CURITE)
         curium (CURIUM)
         curium 232 (CURIUM 232)
         curium 233 (CURIUM 233)
         curium 234 (CURIUM 234)
         curium 235 (CURIUM 235)
         curium 236 (CURIUM 236)
         curium 237 (CURIUM 237)
         curium 238 (CURIUM 238)
         curium 239 (CURIUM 239)
         curium 240 (CURIUM 240)
         curium 241 (CURIUM 241)
         curium 242 (CURIUM 242)
         curium 243 (CURIUM 243)

         cyprus (CHYPRE)
         cysteamine (CYSTEAMINE)
         cysteine (CYSTEINE)
         cystine (CYSTINE)
         cysts (KYSTES)
         cytidine (CYTIDINE)
         cytochemistry (CYTOCHIMIE)
         cytochrome oxidase (OXYDASE CYTOCHROME)
         cytochromes (CYTOCHROMES)
         cytokines (cytokines)
         cytological techniques (TECHNIQUES CYTOLOGIQUES)
         cytology (CYTOLOGIE)
         cytoplasm (CYTOPLASME)
         cytosine (CYTOSINE)
         cytostatics (CYTOSTATIQUES)
         cytotoxins (cytotoxines)
         czd process (procede czd)
         czech organizations (ORGANISMES TCHEQUES)
         czech republic (REPUBLIQUE TCHEQUE)
         czechoslovak organizations (ORGANISMES TCHECOSLOVAQUES)
         czechoslovak tr-0 reactor (REACTEUR TCHECOSLOVAQUE TR-0)
         czechoslovakia (TCHECOSLOVAQUIE)