Sample records for THF (thf)

Sample records 1 - 8 shown.


Regiochemistry in the reductive opening of phthalan derivatives

Foubelo García, Francisco; García Jiménez, Daniel; Moreno Martínez, Benjamín Francisco; Yus Astiz, Miguel

The lithiation of phthalan derivatives 4, 9 and 12 with an excess of lithium in the presence of a catalytic amount of 4,4’-di-tert-butylbiphenyl (DTBB) in THF at –78ºC gives dianionic intermediates 5, 10 and 13, respectively, which by reaction with different electrophiles [H2O, t-BuCHO, Me2CO, (EtO)...

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Synthesis and characterization of new paramagnetic tetraaryl derivatives of chromium and molybdenum

Alonso Gascón, Pablo J.; Forniés, Juan; García-Monforte, M. Angeles; Martín, Antonio; Menjón, Babil; Rillo, Conrado

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Simple and Efficient Heterogeneous Copper Catalysts for Enantioselective C−H Carbene Insertion.

Fraile, José M.; García, José I.; Mayoral, José A.; Roldán, Marta

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Palladium complexes of a phosphorus ylide with two stabilizing groups: Synthesis, structure, and DFT study of the bonding modes

Falvello, Larry R.; Ginés, Juan Carlos; Carbó, Jorge J.; Lledós, Agustí; Navarro, Rafael; Soler, Tatiana; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


A square-planar organoiron(III) compound with a spin-admixed state

Alonso Gascón, Pablo J.; Arauzo, Ana B.; Forniés, Juan; García-Monforte, M. Angeles; Martín, Antonio; Martínez Martínez, Jesús I.; Menjón, Babil; Rillo, Conrado; Sáiz-Garitaonandia, José J.

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