Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         t antiquarks (ANTIQUARKS T)
         t channel (CANAL T)
         t codes (CODIGO T)
         t invariance (INVARIANZA T)
         t matrix (MATRIZ T)
         t quarks (QUARKS T)
         t tauri stars (ESTRELLAS T TAURI)
         t3 hormone (HORMONA T3)
         t3 process (PROCESO T3)
         t4 hormone (HORMONA T4)
         table mountain area (AREA TABLE MOUNTAIN)
         tables (TABLAS)
         tachyons (TAQUIONES)
         tadpoles (RENACUAJOS)
         tagged photon method (METODO DE LOS FOTONES MARCADOS)
         tail electrons (ELECTRONES SUPRATERMALES)
         tail ions (ELECTRONES DE COLA)
         tailings (GANGAS (MINERIA))
         taiwan (TAIWAN)
         talc (TALCO)
         tam (TAM)
         tamoxifen (TAMOXIFENO)
         tank circuits (CIRCUITOS CERRADOS)
         tank farms (PATIO DE TANQUES)
         tank type reactors (REACTORES TIPO DEPOSITO)

         tanker ships (BUQUES CISTERNA)
         tanks (TANQUES)
         tannic acid (ACIDO TANICO)
         tannin (TANINO)
         tantalates (TANTALATOS)
         tantalite (TANTALITA)
         tantalum (TANTALIO)
         tantalum additions (ADICIONES DE TANTALIO)
         tantalum alloys (ALEACIONES DE TANTALIO)
         tantalum isotopes (ISOTOPOS DE TANTALIO)
         tapeworms (TENIAS)
         tar (ALQUITRAN)
         target chambers (CAMARAS DE BOBARDEO)
         target holders (PORTA BLANCOS)
         targets (BLANCOS)
         tariffs (TARIFAS)
         tartaric acid (ACIDO TARTARICO)
         tartaric acid esters (ESTERES DEL ACIDO TARTARICO)
         tartrates (TARTRATOS)
         task scheduling (PROGRAMACION DE TRABAJO)
         tasman sea (MAR TASMAN)
         tasmania (TASMANIA)
         tau leptons (LEPTONES TAU)
         tau neutrinos (NEUTRINOS TAU)
         tau particles (PARTICULAS TAU)

         taurine (TAURINA)
         tautomerism (TAUTOMERIA)
         tax credits (DESGRAVACIONES FISCALES)
         tax laws (LEYES FISCALES)
         taxes (IMPUESTOS)
         taxonomy (TAXONOMIA)
         tbp (TBP)
         tcp (TCP)
         tct (TCT)
         tda (TDA)
         tea (TE)
         tea leaves (HOJAS DE TE)
         tea plants (PLANTA DEL TE)
         teaching (ENSENANZA)
         teaching facilities (INSTALACIONES DE ENSE?ANZA)
         technetium (TECNECIO)
         technetium 100 (TECNECIO 100)
         technetium 85 (TECNECIO 85)
         technetium 89 (TECNECIO 89)
         technetium 92 (TECNECIO 92)
         technetium 93 (TECNECIO 93)
         technetium 94 (TECNECIO 94)
         technetium 96 (TECNECIO 96)
         technetium 99 (TECNECIO 99)
         technical information center (CENTRO DE INFORMACION TECNICA)

         testes (TESTICULOS)
         testing (ENSAYOS)
         testing biological
         testing materials
         testosterone (TESTOSTERONA)
         teta (TETA)
         tetanus (TETANO)
         tetracyclines (TETRACICLINAS)
         tetradecanoic acid (ACIDO TETRADECANOICO)
         tetraethyl lead (PLOMO TETRAETILENO)
         tetragonal lattices (REDES TETRAGONALES)
         tetrahydrofuran (TETRAHIDROFURANO)
         tetrahydropyran (TETRAHIDROPIRANO)
         tetrahymena (TETRAHIMENA)
         tetralin (TETRALINA)
         tetraploidy (TETRAPLOIDE)
         tetrathiafulvalene (TETRATIAFULVALENO)
         tetrazoles (TETRAZOLES)
         tetrazolium (TETRAZOLIO)
         tev range (INTERVALO DE TEV)
         tevatron (TEVATRON)
         tevatron fermilab
         texas (TEXAS)
         text editors (EDITORES DE TEXTOS)

         textile industry (INDUSTRIA TEXTIL)
         textiles (TEXTILES)
         texture (TEXTURA)
         thailand (TAILANDIA)
         thalamus (TALAMO)
         thalassemia (TALASEMIA)
         thallium (TALIO)
         thallium 200 (TALIO 200)
         thallium 201 (TALIO 201)
         thallium 206 (TALIO 206)
         thallium additions (ADICIONES DE TALIO)
         thallium complexes (COMPLEJOS DE TALIO)
         thallium compounds (COMPUESTOS DE TALIO)
         thallium hydroxides (HIDROXIDOS DE TALIO)
         thallium phosphates (FOSFATOS DE TALIO)
         thallium sulfides (SULFUROS DE TALIO)
         thames river (RIO TAMESIS)
         thawing (DESCONGELADO)
         the geysers (LOS GEISERES)
         thebaine (TEBAINA)
         theft (ROBO)
         thematic mapping (MAPEO TEMATICO)
         theobroma (THEOBROMA)
         theophylline (TEOFILINA)
         theoretical data (DATOS TEORICOS)

         thermal stresses (TENSIONES TERMICAS)
         thermal surveys (INVESTIGACIONES TERMICAS)
         thermal testing (ENSAYOS TERMICOS)
         thermal transmission ices (HIELOS TRANSMISION TERMICA)
         thermal utilization (UTILIZACION TERMICA)
         thermal waters (AGUAS TERMALES)
         thermalization (TERMALIZACION)
         thermally active structural components (componentes estrucrales termicamente activos)
         thermionics (TERMIONICA)
         thermistors (TERMISTORES)
         thermoactinomyces (TERMOACTINOMICOS)
         thermochemical processes (PROCESOS TERMOQUIMICOS)
         thermocouples (TERMOPARES)
         thermodynamic activity (ACTIVIDAD TERMODINAMICA)
         thermodynamic cycles (CICLOS TERMODINAMICOS)
         thermodynamic model (MODELO TERMODINAMICO)
         thermodynamic molecular model (MODELO MOLECULAR TERMODINAMICO)
         thermodynamic properties (PROPIEDADES TERMODINAMICAS)
         thermodynamics (TERMODINAMICA)
         thermoelasticity (TERMOELASTICIDAD)
         thermoelectric generators (GENERADORES TERMOELECTRICOS)
         thermoelectric heaters (CALENTADORES TERMOELECTRICOS)
         thermoelectric materials (MATERIALES TERMOELECTRICOS)
         thermoelectricity (TERMOELECTRICIDAD)
         thermogravimetric analysis (ANALISIS TERMOGRAVIMETRICO)

         thiols (TIOLES)
         thionates (TIONATOS)
         thionyl chlorides (CLORUROS TIONIL)
         thiopental (TIOPENTAL)
         thiophene (TIOFENO)
         thiophenes (TIOFENOS)
         thiophenols (TIOFENOLES)
         thiosulfates (TIOSULFATOS)
         thiouracil (TIOURACILO)
         thiourea (TIOUREA)
         thioureas (TIOUREAS)
         third sound (TERCER SONIDO)
         third-party use (USO TRIPARTITO)
         thixotropy (TIXOTROPIA)
         thiyl radicals (RADICALES TIILO)
         thoracic duct (CANAL TORACICO)
         thorax (TORAX)
         thorium (TORIO)
         thorium 225 (TORIO 225)
         thorium 227 (TORIO 227)
         thorium 230 (TORIO 230)
         thorium 231 (TORIO 231)
         thorium 232 (TORIO 232)
         thorium 238 (TORIO 238)
         thorium a (TORIO A)

         time-to-amplitude converters (CONVERTIDORES TIEMPO-AMPLITUD)
         timeliness (TEMPESTIVIDAD)
         timing circuits (CIRCUITOS TEMPORIZADORES)
         timing properties (PROPIEDADES DE TEMPORIZACION)
         tin (ESTAÑO)
         tin 100 (ESTA?O 100)
         tin 106 (ESTA?O 106)
         tin 107 (ESTA?O 107)
         tin 109 (ESTA?O 109)
         tin 110 (ESTA?O 110)
         tin 111 (ESTA?O 111)
         tin 112 (ESTA?O 112)
         tin 113 (ESTA?O 113)
         tin 114 (ESTA?O 114)
         tin 117 (ESTA?O 117)
         tin 118 (ESTA?O 118)
         tin 118 target (BLANCO DE ESTA?O 118)
         tin 119 (ESTA?O 119)
         tin 120 (ESTA?O 120)
         tin 120 beams (HACES DE ESTA?O 120)
         tin 121 (ESTA?O 121)
         tin 123 (ESTA?O 123)
         tin 125 (ESTA?O 125)
         tin 131 (ESTA?O 131)
         tin 132 (ESTA?O 132)

         titanium 40 (TITANIO 40)
         titanium 41 (TITANIO 41)
         titanium 43 (TITANIO 43)
         titanium 44 (TITANIO 44)
         titanium 45 (TITANIO 45)
         titanium 46 (TITANIO 46)
         titanium 47 (TITANIO 47)
         titanium 48 (TITANIO 48)
         titanium 48 beams (HACES DE TITANIO 48)
         titanium 48 reactions (REACCIONES DE TITANIO 48)
         titanium 49 (TITANIO 49)
         titanium 49 target (BLANCO DE TITANIO 49)
         titanium 50 (TITANIO 50)
         titanium 50 reactions (REACCIONES DE TITANIO 50)
         titanium 51 (TITANIO 51)
         titanium 52 (TITANIO 52)
         titanium 53 (TITANIO 53)
         titanium 54 (TITANIO 54)
         titanium 55 (TITANIO 55)
         titanium 56 (TITANIO 56)
         titanium 57 (TITANIO 57)
         titanium 58 (TITANIO 58)
         titanium 60 (TITANIO 60)
         titanium 61 (TITANIO 61)
         titanium 62 (TITANIO 62)

         toads (SAPOS)
         tobacco (TABACO)
         tobacco mosaic virus (VIRUS MOSAICO DEL TABACO)
         tobacco plant (TABACO (PLANTA))
         tobacco products (PRODUCTOS DE TABACO)
         tobacco smokes (HUMOS DE TABACO)
         tocopherols (TOCOFEROLES)
         togo (TOGO)
         toilets (LAVABOS)
         tolerance (TOLERANCIA)
         toluene (TOLUENO)
         toluidine blue (AZUL DE TOLUIDINA)
         toluidines (TOLUIDINAS)
         tomatoes (TOMATES)
         tomography (TOMOGRAFIA)
         tongue (LENGUA)
         tonsils (AMIGDALAS)
         tools (HERRAMIENTAS)
         tools educational
         top accidents (ACCIDENTES SUPERIORES)
         top particles (PARTICULAS SUPERIORES)
         top quarks (QUARKS SUPERIORES)
         topography (TOPOGRAFIA)
         topological mapping (REPRESENTACION TOPOLOGICA)

         toxicity (TOXICIDAD)
         toxins (TOXINAS)
         toxoids (ANATOXINAS)
         tpc (CPT)
         trabecular bone (TRABECULA OSEA)
         trace amounts (MICROCANTIDADES)
         trace elements (MICROELEMENTOS)
         tracer techniques (TECNICAS DE TRAZADORES)
         trachea (TRAQUEA)
         trachytes (TRACITAS)
         tracks (TRAZAS)
         trade (COMERCIO)
         trade nuclear
         tradescantia (TRADESCANTIA)
         traffic control (CONTROL DE TRAFICO)
         training (ENTRENAMIENTO)
         training facilities (INSTALACIONES DE APRENDIZAJE)
         training reactors (REACTORES DE ENSE?ANZA)
         trains (TRENES)
         trajectories (TRAYECTORIAS)
         tranquilizers (TRANQUILIZANTES)
         tranquillizers (TRANQUILIZADORES)
         transaminases (TRANSAMINASAS)
         transcription (TRANSCRIPCION)
         transcription factors (FACTORES DE TRANSCRIPCION)

         translocation (TRANSLOCACION)
         transmission (TRANSMISION)
         transmission data
         transmission electron microscopy (MICROSCOPIA ELECTRONICA POR TRANSMISION)
         transmission energy
         transmission heat
         transmission lines (LINEAS DE TRANSMISION)
         transmutation (TRANSMUTACION)
         transonic flow (FLUJO TRANSONICO)
         transparency (TRANSPARENCIA)
         transpiration (TRANSPIRACION)
         transpiration animal
         transplants (TRANSPLANTES)
         transport (TRANSPORTE)
         transport atoms
         transport beam
         transport energy
         transport environmental
         transport gamma
         transport in organisms
         transport neutron
         transport photon
         transport proton
         transport radiation
         transport radionuclides in organisms

         triple point (PUNTO TRIPLE)
         triplet particles (PARTICULAS TRIPLETE)
         triplets (TRIPLETES)
         tristan project (PROYECTO TRISTAN)
         tritiated water (AGUA TRITIADA)
         triticum (TRITICUM)
         tritium (TRITIO)
         tritium compounds (COMPUESTOS DE TRITIO)
         tritium ions (IONES TRITIO)
         triton (TRITON (ANIMAL))
         triton beams (HACES DE TRITON)
         triton reactions (REACCIONES DE TRITON)
         tritons (TRITONES)
         triturus (TRITURUS)
         troilite (TROILITA)
         trombe walls (PAREDES TROMBO)
         trona (TRONA)
         tropical medicine (MEDICINA TROPICAL)
         tropical regions (REGIONES TROPICALES)
         tropomyosin (TROPOMIOSINA)
         tropones (TROPONES)
         troposphere (TROPOSFERA)
         trout (TRUCHA)
         truck transport (TRANSPORTE EN CAMIONES)
         trucks (CAMIONES)

         truth model (MODELO DE PRECISION)
         trypan blue (AZUL TRIPAN)
         trypanosoma (TRIPANOSOMA)
         trypanosomes (TRIPANOSOMAS)
         trypanosomiasis (TRIPANOSOMIASIS)
         trypsin (TRIPSINA)
         tryptamines (TRIPTAMINAS)
         tryptophan (TRIPTOFANO)
         tsh (TSH)
         tsp (TSP)
         tsunamis (TSUNAMIS)
         tta (TTA)
         ttf-tcnq (TTF-TCNQ)
         tube model (MODELO TUBO)
         tuberculin (TUBERCULINA)
         tuberculosis (TUBERCULOSIS)
         tubers (TUBERCULOS)
         tubes (TUBOS)
         tubules (TUBULOS)
         tuff (TUFO)
         tumor cells (CELULAS CANCEROSAS)
         tumor necrosis factor (FACTOR NECROSIS TUMOR)
         tumor promoters (AGENTES FAVORECEDORES DE TUMORES)
         tumor viruses (VIRUS TUMORIGENOS)
         tumors (TUMORES)

         tunneling machines (MAQUINAS DE TUNELIZACION)
         tunnels (TUNELES)
         turbellaria (TURBELARIA)
         turbidity (TURBIDEZ)
         turbine blades (ALABES DE TURBINA)
         turbines (TURBINAS)
         turbulence (TURBULENCIA)
         turbulent flow (FLUJO TURBULENTO)
         turkey (TURQUIA)
         turkish organizations (ORGANIZACIONES TURKAS)
         turnips (NABOS)
         turpentine (TREMENTINA)
         turtles (TORTUGAS)
         tva (TVA)
         twinning (MACLADO)
         twistor theory (TEORIA DE TWISTOR)
         two-body problem (PROBLEMA DE DOBLE CUERPO)
         two-dimensional calculations (CALCULOS BIDIMENSIONALES)
         two-dimensional electrophoresis (ELECTROFORESIS BIDIMENSIONAL)
         two-phase flow (FLUJO BIFASICO)
         typhoid (TIFOIDEA)
         typhus (TIFUS)
         tyramine (TIRAMINA)
         tyrosinase (TIROSINASA)
         tyrosine (TIROSINA)