Sample records for GRUPOS SU-3 (su-3 groups)

Sample records 1 - 6 shown.


TNFalpha-Polymorphismus bei Patienten mit Sepsis und Schilddrüsenkarzinomen

Rossbach, Christiane

Das Zytokin Tumornekrosefaktor a (TNFa) hat einen entscheidenden Anteil an der Entwicklung schwerer Komplikationen, wie septischer Schock und Multiorganversagen nach Entwicklung einer Sepsis. Eine Assoziation des TNF2-Allels mit einem erhöhten TNF a Spiegel und einer höheren Mortalitätsrate wurde i...

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Nature and Culture in Prehistoric Amazonia Using G.I.S. to reconstruct ancient ethnogenetic processes from archaeology, linguistics, geography, and ethnohistory

Eriksen, Love

This thesis investigates the socio-cultural and linguistic development of pre-Columbian Amazonia, with a particular focus on the period between 500 BC and AD 1500. In assembling and analyzing data from archaeology, linguistics, ethnohistory, ethnography, and geography in a Geographical Information S...

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Model building by coset space dimensional reduction scheme

Jittoh, Toshifumi; Koike, Masafumi; Nomura, Takaaki; Sato, Joe; Shimomura, Takashi

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Maximal surface group representations in isometry groups of classical Hermitian symmetric spaces

Bradlow, Steven B.; García Prada, Oscar; Gothen, Peter B.

Version nr. 2 of the paper (2005/12/07) contains added due credits to the work of Burger, Iozzi and Wienhard. [Present] Version nr. 3 includes corrected count of connected components for G=SU(p,q) (p \neq q), added due credits to the work of Xia and Markman-Xia and minor corrections and clarificatio...

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Flavour geometry and effective Yukawa couplings in the MSSM

Hodgkinson, Robert N.; Ellis, John; Lee, Jae Sik; Pilaftsis, Apostolos

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Determination of ms and |Vus| from hadronic τ decays

Gámiz, Elvira; Prades, Joaquim; Jamin, Matthias; Schwab, Felix; Pich, Antonio

Digital.CSIC (Spain)