Sample records for RELAJACION ESPIN-ESPIN (spin-spin relaxation)

Sample records 1 - 4 shown.


Key role of spin-orbit effects in the relaxation of CO2(010) by thermal collisions with O(3Pj)

Lara Castells, M. Pilar de; Hernández, Marta I.; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Villarreal, Pablo; López-Puertas, Manuel

11 pages, 8 figures. | The quenching of CO2(010) by thermal collisions with ground-state atomic oxygen is a crucial process in determining the cooling rates of the thermospheres of Earth, Venus and Mars and then to predict changes due to the increase of this green-house gas. One of the questions rai...

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First-principle approach to the study of spin relaxation times of excited electrons in metals

Zhukov, Vladlen P.; Chulkov, Eugene V.; Echenique, Pedro M.

6 pages, 4 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 72.15.Lh, 72.25.Ba, 72.25.Rb.-- Presented as poster communication to TNT 2007: Trends in NanoTechnology (San Sebastián, Spain, Sep 3-7, 2008). | We have developed a first-principle method of calculating the spin-lattice relaxation time of excited electrons in metals ...

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