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Local spin polarization in a quantum wire induced by the Rashba interaction

Serra, Llorenç; Sánchez, David; López, Rosa

2 pages, 1 figure.-- PACS nrs.: 73.63.Nm; 72.25.Dc; 71.70.Ej.-- Available online Oct 1, 2007.-- Issue title: "17th International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems" (Genova, Italy, Jul 15-20, 2007). | A local spin–orbit (SO) interaction of Rashba type induces the appearan...

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Difracción de Bragg de ondas ópticas guiadas por ondas de dipolo de spin en guías de onda ferromagnéticas de doble capa

Cortés-Pérez, O.; Ordoñez-Romero, C.L.; Ortega-Martínez, R.; Kolokoltsev, O.V.; Grishin, A.

Resumen en español Las peculiaridades de la difracción de Bragg de ondas ópticas guiadas (Optical Guided Waves o OGW) por ondas de dipolo de spin (Spin Dipole Waves o SDW) en una heteroestructura de ferrita, basada en una película delgada de Bi3Fe5O12(BIG) depositada en una muestra estándar de YIG/GGG (una película delgada de granate de hierro e itrio sobre un sustrato de granate de galio y gadolinio). Se muestra que la eficiencia de interacción entre ondas OGW y SDW en BIG/YIG/GGG pu (mas) ede ser de 4 a 30 veces más grande que la eficiencia en una guía de onda estándar de YIG/GGG, aun en este caso cuando las ondas que interactúan están localizadas en la guía de onda de YIG. Resumen en inglés The peculiarities of the Bragg diffraction of optical guided waves (OGWs) by spin-dipole waves (SDWs) in a new ferrite heterostructure, based on Bi3Fe5O12(BIG) thin film deposited on a standard YIG/GGG (a Yttrium Iron Garnet thin film over a Galium Gadolinum Garnet substrate) sample, is presented. It is shown that the efficiency of waveguide magnetooptic interaction between OGWs and SDWs in BIG/YIG/GGG can be 4-14 times larger than in the standard YIG/GGG waveguide, even in the case when the interacting waves are localized in YIG waveguide layer.

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Determination of the spin of Ar-31

Thaysen, J.; Axelsson, L.; Äystö, J.; García Borge, María José; Fraile, Luis M.; Fynbo, H. O. U.; Honkanen, A.

5 pages, 3 figures, 1 table.-- PACS nrs.: 21.10.Hw; 23.40.Bw; 23.90.+w; 27.30.+t. | The beta-delayed proton emission from the lightest Ar-isotopes has been recorded with a high-granularity, large solid-angle Si-detector set-up. Proton energy shifts due to beta-recoil have been measured. We demonstra...

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Baryon decuplet in the chiral dynamics of Λ hyperons in nuclear matter

Martín Cámalich, Jorge; Vicente Vacas, Manuel J.

6 pages, 5 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 21.80.+a; 21.65.+f; 13.75.Ev; 24.10.Cn.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000245332200063.-- ArXiv pre-print available at: | We study the long range part of the Λ-hyperon optical potential in nuclei using quantum many body techniques and ...

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Ab initio potential energy surface and spectrum of the B(3Π) state of the HeI2 complex

Valdés, Álvaro; Prosmiti, Rita; Villarreal, Pablo; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Werner, Hans-Joachim

9 pages, 6 figures, 4 tables.-- PACS nrs.: 31.15.Ar; 31.50.-x; 33.50.Dq; 33.15.Bh; 31.15.Dv; 33.70.Jg. | The three-dimensional interaction potential for I2(B 3Π0(u)+)+He is computed using accurate ab initio methods and a large basis set. Scalar relativistic effects are accounted for by large-core re...

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