Sample records for ESTRECHAMIENTO ESPECTRAL (spectral narrowing)

Sample records 1 - 17 shown.


Tomography of high-redshift clusters with OSIRIS

Fernández-Soto, Alberto; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; González Serrano Moreno, José Ignacio; Carballo, R.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Thermal and Narrow-band Multispectral Remote Sensing for Vegetation Monitoring from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Berni, José A. J.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Suárez, Lola; Fereres Castiel, Elías

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


The origin of the protostellar jet GGD 34*

Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés; Robles, Ángel

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Row Orientation and Viewing Geometry Effects on Row-structured Crops for Chlorophyll Content Estimation

Meggio, F.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Miller, J. R.; Martín Muñoz, Antonio Pedro; González, M. R.; Berjón, A.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Modelling biochemical processes in orchards at leaf- and canopy-level using hyperspectral data

Delalieux, S.; Kempeneers, P.; Aardt, J. A. N. van; Backer, S. de; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Sepulcre-Cantó, Guadalupe; Sagardoy Calderón, Ruth; Morales Iribas, Fermín; Scheunders, P.; Coppin, P.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Hyperspectral mapping of crop and soils for precision agriculture (Proceedings Paper)

Whiting, M.; Ustin, S. L.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Palacios-Orueta, A.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Generación de supercontinuo en fibras ópticas monomodo con fuentes de bombeo continuo

Corredera Guillén, Pedro; González Herráez, Miguel; Martín López, Sonia

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


G-band Spectral Synthesis in Solar Magnetic Concentrations

Sánchez Almeida, J.; Asensio Ramos, Andrés; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Cernicharo, José

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Fitting LINER nuclei within the AGN family: A matter of obscuration?

González-Martín, O.; Masegosa, J.; Márquez, I.; Guainazzi, M.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Development of robust hyperspectral indices for the detection of deviations of normal plant state

Delalieux, S.,; Aardt, J. A. N. van; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Kempeneers, P.; Verstraeten, W. W.; Coppin, P.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Detection of Water Stress in Orchard Trees with a High-Resolution Spectrometer through Chlorophyll Fluorescence in-filling of the O2-A band

Pérez-Priego, O.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Miller, J. R.; Sepulcre-Cantó, G.; Fereres Castiel, Elías

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Carrier-carrier correlations in an optically excited single semiconductor quantum dot

Dekel, E.; Gershoni, D.; Ehrenfreund, E.; García, Jorge M.; Petroff, P. M.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Assessing Vineyard Condition with Hyperspectral Indices: Leaf and Canopy Reflectance Simulation in a Row Structured Discontinuous Canopy

Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Berjón, A.; López-Lozano, R.; Miller, J. R.; Martín Muñoz, Antonio Pedro; Cachorro, V.; González, M. R.; Frutos, A.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Análisis computacional de los ruidos respiratorios en la evaluación de la obstrucción bronquial en niños pequeños que no colaboran con las pruebas espirométricas/ Acoustic analysis of respiratory sounds during methacholine challenge in preschool children

Sánchez D, Ignacio; Alvarez G, Cecilia; Clavería R, Cristián; Lisboa B, Carmen

Resumen en inglés Background: There are changes in inspiratory breath sound intensity in patients with airway obstruction. Airway narrowing may change sound spectral characteristics. Aim: To define the characteristics of lung sounds at standardized air flow during methacholine challenge and to compare acoustic changes with transcutaneous oxygen tension (PtcO2) during induced airway narrowing. Patients and methods: Forty asthmatic children (20 male) aged 5.2±1 years and 40 normal children (mas) (18 male), aged 5.6 ± 1 years were studied. All patients were free of respiratory tract infections one month before the study. A methacholine challenge from 0.06 to 8 mg/ml was performed; the test was ended when a fall in PtcO2 of >20% from baseline was observed or if the final concentration was reached. Subjects breathed through a pneumotachograph aiming at flows of 0.4 to 0.6 l/s. Respiratory sounds were recorded using contact sensors at the suprasternal notch and at the posterior right lower lobe. From average spectra, power at low (100-200 Hz=P1) and high frequencies (400-2000 =P2) was calculated. Frequencies below which 50% (F50) and 99% (SEF90) of the spectral power between 100 and 2000 Hz was contained, were also calculated. Results: In asthmatics, the metacholine concentration at which a 20% fall in PtcO2 was observed, was lower than in normal children (p

Scientific Electronic Library Online (Spanish)


An X-ray view of 82 LINERs with Chandra and XMM-Newton data

González-Martín, O.; Masegosa, J.; Márquez, I.; Guainazzi, M.; Jiménez-Bailón, E.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)