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Microbial synthesis of poly(beta-hydroxyalkanoates) bearing phenyl groups from pseudomonas putida: chemical structure and characterization

Abraham, Gustavo A.; Gallardo, Alberto; San Román del Barrio, Julio; Olivera, Elías R.; Jodra, Ruth

6 pages, 3 tables, 3 figures.-- PMID: 11749221 [PubMed]. | New poly(beta-hydroxyalkanoates) having aromatics groups (so-called PHPhAs) from a microbial origin have been characterized. These polymers were produced and accumulated as reserve materials when a beta-oxidation mutant of Pseudomonas putida...

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Exactly solvable models of proton and neutron interacting bosons

Lerma H., Sergio; Errea, Beatriz; Dukelsky, Jorge; Pittel, S.; Van Isacker, P.

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