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Utilidad de la técnica de AgNOR en la interpretación de los derrames de cavidades serosas/ Usefulness of AgNOR assay in the assessment of serous effusions

Rocher, Adriana E; Blanco, Ana María; Palaoro, Luis A

Resumen en inglés Background: AgNOR technique detects, using silver salts, argyrophylic proteins of the nucleolar organizer region (NOR). The number and size of NOR reflect cell activity, proliferation and transformation and may help to differentiate benign from malignant cells. Aim: To assess the value of AgNOR assay to differentiate reactive mesothelial cells from malignant cells in serous effusions. Material and methods: Thirty one fluids obtained from 16 pleural, 14 peritoneal and one (mas) pericardial effusion, were studied. The fluids were processed with Giemsa and Papanicolau stains and with the AgNOR technique. The number of AgNOR dots were counted (only when it was possible to distinguish each individual dot) and the mean value per nucleus was calculated for each smear. Results: Mesothelial cells had a mean of 4,88 ± 1,5 dots compared with 13,78 ± 3,88 dots in the malignant cells (p

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