Sample records for INSTRUMENTACION PARA REACTORES (reactor instrumentation)

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Ultimate limits for the radiation hardness of silicon strip detectors for sLHC

Lozano Fantoba, Manuel; Campabadal, Francesca; García García, Carmen; González Sevilla, Sergio; Lacasta Llácer, Carlos; Lacuesta, Vicente; Martí García, Salvador; Miñano, Mercedes; Pellegrini, Giulio; Ullán Comes, Miguel; Rafí, Joan Marc

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


On-Line Preconcentration and Analysis of Zinc in Water by Flow Injection-Knotted Reactor: Application to Geological and Environmental Exploration

Salonia, José A.; Cerutti, Estela S.; Martínez, Luis D.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.; Gásquez, José A.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Characterization of irradiated detectors fabricated on p-type silicon substrates for super-LHC

Miñano, Mercedes; Campabadal, Francesca; Escobar, Carlos; García García, Carmen; González Sevilla, Sergio; Lacasta Llácer, Carlos; Lozano Fantoba, Manuel; Martí García, Salvador; Pellegrini, Giulio; Rafí, Joan Marc; Ullán Comes, Miguel

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


An automatic maintenance system for nuclear power plants instrumentation

Álvarez Torres, Bárbara; Iborra García, Andrés José; Fernández Andrés, José Carlos

Maintenance and testing of reactor protection systems is an important cause of unplanned reactor trips due to be commonly carried out in manual mode. The execution of surveillance procedures in this mode entails a great number of manual operations. Automated testing is the answer because it minimise...

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