Sample records for ESPECTROMETROS DE MASA -R-F (r-f mass spectrometers)

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


The HARP detector at the CERN PS

Catanesi, M. G.; Muciaccia, M. T.; Radicioni, E.; Simone, S.; Edgecock, R.; Ellis, M.; Robbins, S.; Soler, F. J. P.

35 pages, 37 figures.-- PACS nr.: 95.55.Vj.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000244576000001.-- Available online 10 November 2006. | HARP is a high-statistics, large solid angle experiment to measure hadron production using proton and pion beams with momenta between 1.5 and 15 GeV/c impinging on many diffe...

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