Sample records for PLATINO 205 (platinum 205)

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Resumen en inglés Forty-four patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, who had received platinum-based radiochemotherapy for surgery induction, were assessed. Nine patients (20,5 %) had complete radiological responses and 17 patients(38,6 %) achieved a reduction higher than or equal to half of the tumor´s initial diameter in its greater axis. The complete or partial radiological response was predictive of resectability (p = 0,048) and associated to better pathological res (mas) ponses (p = 0,031). Four patients (9,9 %) reached histological remission whereas 25 (31,3 %) had partial pathological responses. Pathological sterilization of the ganglionary groups was observed in 23 (74,1 %) of 31 affected subjects. Complete resection was applied in 39 patients (88,6 %), morbidity was acceptable and no post-operative deaths occured. The neoadjuvant treatment was useful for this group of patients since it induced the pathological response and also increased the resectability possibilities

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