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         p codes (CODIGO P)
         p invariance (INVARIANZA P)
         p reactor (REACTOR P)
         p states (ESTADOS P)
         p waves (ONDAS P)
         p waves seismic
         p-n counters (CONTADORES P-N)
         p-n junctions (UNIONES P-N)
         p-type conductors (SEMI-CONDUCTORES DE TIPO P)
         paba (PABA)
         pacemakers (MARCAPASOS)
         pacific islands (ISLAS DEL PACIFICO)
         pacific northwest laboratories (LABORATORIOS PACIFICO NOROESTE)
         pacific northwest region (REGION PACIFICO NOROESTE)
         pacific ocean (OCEANO PACIFICO)
         packaging (EMBALAJE)
         packaging rules (REGLAS DE EMBALAJE)
         packed beds (LECHOS COMPACTOS)
         packing (EMBALAJE)
         packing column
         packings (EMBALAJES)
         pade approximation (APROXIMACION DE PADE)
         pah (PAH)
         pain (DOLOR)

         particle kinematics (CINEMATICA DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle losses (PERDIDA DE PARTICLAS)
         particle mobility (MOVILIDAD DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle models (MODELOS DE PARTICULAS)
         particle multiplets (MULTIPLETES DE PARTICULAS)
         particle production (PRODUCCION DE PARTICULAS)
         particle properties (PROPIEDADES DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle radii (RADIOS DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle rapidity (RAPIDEZ DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle resuspension (RESUSPENSION DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle size (TAMA?O DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle size classifiers (CLASIFICADORES EMPLAZAMIENTOS PARTICULAS)
         particle sources (FUENTES DE PARTICULAS)
         particle structure (ESTRUCTURA DE LAS PARTICULAS)
         particle tracks (TRAZAS DE PARTICULAS)
         particle-core model (MODELO PARTICULA-NUCLEO)
         particle-hole model (MODELO PARTICULA-HUECO)
         particle-induced x-ray emission analysis (ANALISIS EMISION PARTICULAS-INDUCIDAS RAYOS X)
         particles (PARTICULAS)
         particles fuel
         particulates (MACROPARTICULAS)
         partition (REPARTO)
         partition chromatography (CROMATOGRAFIA DE REPARTO)
         partition functions (FUNCIONES DE PARTICION)

         parton model (MODELO DEL PARTON)
         partons (PARTONES)
         parturition (PARTO)
         pas (PAS)
         pascal (PASCAL)
         paschen curve (CURVA DE PASCHEN)
         paschen lines (LINEAS DE PASCHEN)
         paschen minimum (MINIMO DE PASCHEN)
         pasco basin (CUENCA PASCO)
         passengers (PASAJEROS)
         passivation (PASIVACION)
         passivity (PASIVIDAD)
         pasteurization (PASTEURIZACION)
         pastures (PASTOS)
         patent laws (DERECHO DE PATENTES)
         patents (PATENTES)
         path integrals (INTEGRALES PATH)
         pathe geothermal field (CAMPO GEOTERMICO PATHE)
         pathogenesis (PATOGENESIS)
         pathogens (PATOGENOS)
         pathological changes (CAMBIOS PATOLOGICOS)
         pathology (PATOLOGIA)
         patients (PACIENTES)
         pattern recognition (RECONOCIMIENTO DE FORMAS)
         patterson method (METODO DE PATTERSON)

         pavements (PAVIMENTOS)
         payback period (PERIODO DE AMORTIZACION)
         pca (ACP)
         pcac theory (TEORIA PCAC)
         pcb (PCB)
         pcb polychlorinated biphenyl
         pcr (PCR)
         pdu (PDU)
         pe-16 (PE-16)
         pea plant (GUISANTES (PLANTAS))
         peace river (RIO PEACE)
         peaches (MELOCOTONES)
         peak load (CARGA MAXIMA)
         peak power (PICO POTENCIA)
         peak-load pricing (EVALUACION CARGA-MAXIMA)
         peaks (PICOS)
         peanut oil (ACEITE DE CACAHUETE)
         peanuts (CACAHUETES)
         pearlite (PERLITA)
         pears (PERAS)
         peas (GUISANTES)
         peat (TURBA)
         peatlands (TURBERALES)
         pecan trees (ARBOLES DE HICORIA FALSA)

         pectins (PECTINAS)
         peculiar a-stars (ESTRELLAS A PECULIARES)
         pediatrics (PEDIATRIA)
         peening (MARTILLADO)
         pegmatites (PEGMATITAS)
         pelletizing (PELETIZACION)
         pelletron accelerators (ACELERADORES PELLETRON)
         pelletrons (PELETRONES)
         pellets (AGLOMERADOS)
         pelvis (PELVIS)
         penalties (PENALTIS)
         pendulums (PENDOLOS)
         penetrant inspection liquid
         penetration depth (PROFUNDIDAD DE PENETRACION)
         penetrators (PENETRADORES)
         penicillamine (PENICILAMINA)
         penicillin (PENICILINA)
         penicillium (PENICILLIUM)
         penning effect (EFECTO PENNING)
         penning ion sources (FUENTE DE IONES DE PENNING)
         pennsylvania (PENSILVANIA)
         pentane (PENTANO)
         pentanedione 2,3
         pentanoic acid (ACIDO PENTATOICO)
         pentanols (PENTANOLES)

         pericardium (PERICARDIO)
         peridotites (PERIDOTITAS)
         period reactor
         periodates (PERYODATOS)
         periodic acid (ACIDO PERYODICO)
         periodic functions (FUNCIONES PERIODICAS)
         periodic potentials (POTENCIALES PERIODICOS)
         periodic system (SISTEMA PERYODICO)
         periodicity (PERIODICIDAD)
         periosteum (PERIOSTIO)
         peripheral models (MODELOS PERIFERICOS)
         periphyton (PERIFITON)
         peritoneum (PERITONEO)
         peritonitis (PERITONITIS)
         perlite (PERLITA)
         permafrost (PERMAHIELO)
         permalloy (PERMALLOY)
         permalloy c (PERMALLOY C)
         permanent magnets (IMANES PERMANENTES)
         permanganates (PERMANGANATOS)
         permeability (PERMEABILIDAD)
         permeability damage (DANO PERMEABILIDAD)
         permeability magnetic
         permeability reduction (REDUCCION PERMEABILIDAD)
         permian basin (CUENCA PERMIAN)

         phenol (FENOL)
         phenolates (FENOLATOS)
         phenology (FENOLOGIA)
         phenolphthalein (FENOLFTALEINA)
         phenols (FENOLES)
         phenothiazines (FENOTIACINAS)
         phenotype (FENOTIPO)
         phenyl ether (ETER FENIL)
         phenyl methyl ether (FENIL METIL ETER)
         phenyl radicals (RADICALES FENILO)
         phenylacetylene (FENILACETILENO)
         phenylalanine (FENILALANINA)
         phenylamine (FENILAMINA)
         phenylethylene (FENILETILENO)
         pheromone (FEROMONA)
         phi mesons (MESONES PHI)
         philadelphia chromosome (CROMOSOMA FILADELFIA)
         philippines (FILIPINAS)
         phlorizin (FLORIZINA)
         phonons (FONONES)
         phorbol esters (ESTERES DE FORBOL)
         phosphatases (FOSFATASAS)
         phosphate glass (VIDRIO AL FOSFATO)
         phosphate minerals (MINERALES DE FOSFATO)
         phosphate process (PROCESO DE FOSFATO)

         phosphorus 25 (FOSFORO 25)
         phosphorus 26 (FOSFORO 26)
         phosphorus 27 (FOSFORO 27)
         phosphorus 28 (FOSFORO 28)
         phosphorus 29 (FOSFORO 29)
         phosphorus 30 (FOSFORO 30)
         phosphorus 31 (FOSFORO 31)
         phosphorus 32 (FOSFORO 32)
         phosphorus 33 (FOSFORO 33)
         phosphorus 34 (FOSFORO 34)
         phosphorus 35 (FOSFORO 35)
         phosphorus 36 (FOSFORO 36)
         phosphorus 37 (FOSFORO 37)
         phosphorus 38 (FOSFORO 38)
         phosphorus 39 (FOSFORO 39)
         phosphorus 40 (FOSFORO 40)
         phosphorus 41 (FOSFORO 41)
         phosphorus 42 (FOSFORO 42)
         phosphorus 43 (FOSFORO 43)
         phosphorus 44 (FOSFORO 44)
         phosphorus 45 (FOSFORO 45)
         phosphorus 46 (FOSFORO 46)
         phosphorus additions (ADICIONES DE FOSFORO)
         phosphorus chlorides (CLORUROS DE FOSFORO)
         phosphorus complexes (COMPLEJOS DE FOSFORO)

         photon-electron collisions (COLISIONES FOTON-ELECTRON)
         photon-electron interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-ELECTRON)
         photon-hadron interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-HADRON)
         photon-lepton interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-LEPTON)
         photon-meson interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-MESON)
         photon-molecule collisions (COLISIONES FOTON-MOLECULA)
         photon-nucleon interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-NUCLEON)
         photon-photon collisions (COLISIONES FOTON-FOTON)
         photon-photon interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-FOTON)
         photon-proton interactions (INTERACCIONES FOTON-PROTON)
         photons (FOTONES)
         photonuclear reactions (REACCIONES FOTONUCLEARES)
         photoperiod (FOTOPERIODO)
         photoproduction (FOTOPRODUCCION)
         photoresistors (FOTORESISTORES)
         photosensitivity (FOTOSENSIBILIDAD)
         photosphere (FOTOSFERA)
         photosynthesis (FOTOSINTESIS)
         photosynthetic bacteria (BACTERIAS FOTOSINTETICAS)
         photosynthetic membranes (MEMBRANAS FOTOSINTETICAS)
         photosynthetic reaction centers (CENTROS REACCION FOTOSINTETICA)
         phototubes (TUBOS FOTOELECTRICOS)
         photovoltaic cells (CELULAS FOTOVOLTAICAS)
         photovoltaic conversion (CONVERSION FOTOVOLTAICA)
         photovoltaic effect (EFECTO FOTOVOLTAICO)

         pickling (DECAPADO QUIMICO)
         pickup reactions (REACCIONES DE CAPTACION)
         picric acid (ACIDO PICRICO)
         pies (PIES)
         piezoelectricity (PIEZOELECTRICIDAD)
         pige analysis (ANALISIS PIGE)
         pigeons (PICHONES)
         pigment cells (CELULAS PIGMENTARIAS)
         pigments (PIGMENTOS)
         pigmi (PIGMI)
         pigs (PUERCOS)
         pikas (OCHOTONAS)
         piles (PABELLONES)
         pilocarpine (PILOCARPINA)
         pilot plants (PLANTAS PILOTO)
         pinacol (PINACOL)
         pinch devices (DISPOSITIVOS DE ESTRICCION)
         pinch effect (ESTRICCION)
         pineal gland (GLANDULA PINEAL)
         pineapples (PINAS)
         pines (PINOS)
         pinning force (FUERZA DE ANCLAJE)
         pinnipeds (PINIPEDOS)
         pinophyta (PINOPHYTA)
         pion beams (HACES DE PIONES)

         pleura (PLEURA)
         pliocene epoch (EPOCA PLIOCENA)
         ploidy (PLOIDE)
         plugging (TAPONAMIENTO)
         plugs (TAPONES)
         plumbing (CANERIA)
         plumes (PENACHOS)
         plums (CIRUELAS)
         pluronics (PLURONICOS)
         plutonic rocks (ROCAS PLUTONICAS)
         plutonium (PLUTONIO)
         plutonium additions (ADICIONES DE PLUTONIO)
         pmma (PMMA)
         pmr spectra (ESPECTRO RMP)
         pna (PNA)
         pnc (PNC)
         pneumatic controllers (CONTROLADORES NEUMATICOS)
         pneumatic transport (TRANSPORTE NEUMATICO)
         pneumatics (NEUMATICO)
         pneumococcus (NEUMOCOCO)
         pneumonia (NEUMONIA)
         pneumonitis (CONGESTION PULMONAR)
         pnl (PNL)
         po river (RIO PO)

         power coefficient (COEFICIENTE DE POTENCIA)
         power conditioning circuits (CIRCUITOS DE ACONDICIONAMIENTO DE ENERGI)
         power conditioning systems (SISTEMAS DE ACONDICIONAMIEN.ENERGIA)
         power demand (DEMANDA DE POTENCIA)
         power density (DENSIDAD DE POTENCIA)
         power distribution (DISTRIBUCION DE LA POTENCIA)
         power distribution systems (SISTEMAS DE DISTRIBUCION DE POTENCIA)
         power factor (FACTOR DE ENERGIA)
         power generation (PRODUCCION DE ENERGIA)
         power input (POTENCIA DE ENTRADA)
         power losses (PERDIDAS DE POTENCIA)
         power meters (ERGOMETROS)
         power plants (CENTRALES ELECTRICAS)
         power pooling (ALIANZA ENERGETICA)
         power pools (UNIONES POTENCIA)
         power potential (POTENCIAL ENERGETICO)
         power production (ENERGIA (PRODUCCION))
         power range (INTERVALO DE POTENCIA)
         power reactors (REACTORES DE POTENCIA)
         power series (SERIE DE POTENCIAS)
         power substations (SUBESTACIONES DE POTENCIA)
         power supplies (ALIMENTACION DE POTENCIA)
         power systems (SISTEMAS DE POTENCIA)
         power transmission (TRANSMISION DE FUERZA)
         power transmission lines (LINEAS DE TRANSPORTE DE ENERGIA)

         process solutions (SOLUCIONES DEL PROCESO)
         processes adiabatic
         processes isentropic
         processes isothermal
         processing (TRATAMIENTO)
         processing data
         processing food
         processing images
         processing ores
         processing wastes
         proctitis (PROCTITIS)
         procurement (ADQUISICION)
         producer gas (PRODUCTOR GAS)
         producer price index (INDICE PRECIOS PRODUCTOR)
         product labeling (ETIQUETADO PRODUCTO)
         production (PRODUCCION)
         production beam
         production capacity (CAPACIDAD DE PRODUCCION)
         production hydrogen
         production isotope
         production logging (CARGA PRODUCCION)
         production mechanisms particle
         production pair
         production particle
         production plasma

         project thunderbird (PROYECTO DE THUNDERBIRD)
         project vela (PROYECTO DE VELA)
         projectiles (PROYECTILES)
         projection operators (OPERADORES DE PROYECCION)
         projection series (SERIES DE PROYECCION)
         projection welding (SOLDADURA DE RESALTO)
         prolactin (PROLACTINA)
         proliferation (PROLIFERACION)
         proliferation cell
         proline (PROLINA)
         prolog (PROLOGO)
         promazine (PROMAZINA)
         promethazine (PROMETAZINA)
         prominences solar
         promoters (PROMOTORES (CATALIZADORES))
         prompt electrons (ELECTRONES INSTANTANEOS)
         prompt gamma radiation (RADIACION GAMMA INSTANTANEA)
         prompt neutrons (NEUTRONES INSTANTANEOS)
         prompt protons (PROTONES INMEDIATOS)
         prongs (PUNTAS)
         propagation wave
         propagator (PROPAGADOR)
         propane (PROPANO)
         propanol 1-
         propanols (PROPANOLES)

         proton conductivity (CONDUCTIVIDAD DE PROTONES)
         proton decay nuclear decay
         proton decay particle decay
         proton density (DENSIDAD DE PROTONES)
         proton detection (DETECCION DE PROTONES)
         proton exchange membrane fuel cells (CELULAS COMBUSTIBLE MEMBRANA INTERCAMBIO PROTON)
         proton halos (HALOS DE PROTONES)
         proton magnetic resonance spectra (ESPECTROS PROTONES POR RESONANCIA MAGNETICA)
         proton microprobe analysis (ANALISIS CON MICROSONDA PROTONICA)
         proton precipitation (PRECIPITACION DE PROTONES)
         proton probes (SONDAS PROTONICAS)
         proton reactions (REACCIONES DE PROTONES)
         proton recoil detectors (DETECTORES DE PROTONES DE RETROCESO)
         proton satellites (SATELITES PROTON)
         proton sources (FUENTES DE PROTONES)
         proton spectra (ESPECTROS DE PROTONES)
         proton spectrometers (ESPECTROMETROS DE PROTONES)
         proton temperature (TEMPERATURA DE LOS PROTONES)
         proton transport (TRANSPORTE DE PROTONES)
         proton-antiproton interactions (INTERACCIONES PROTON-ANTIPROTON)
         proton-deuteron interactions (INTERACCIONES PROTON-DEUTERON)
         proton-emission decay (DESINTEGRACION POR EMISION DE PROTONES)
         proton-induced x-ray emission analysis (EMISION RAYOS X INDUCIDOS POR PROTONES)
         proton-neutron interactions (INTERACCIONES PROTON-NEUTRON)
         proton-nucleon interactions (INTERACCIONES PROTON-NUCLEON)

         pumping (BOMBEO)
         pumping electrical
         pumping laser
         pumps (BOMBAS)
         pupae (CRISALIDAS)
         purification (PURIFICACION)
         purines (PURINAS)
         purity (PUREZA)
         puromycin (PUROMICINA)
         purpura (PURPURA)
         putrescine (PUTRESCINA)
         pva (PVA)
         pvc (PVC)
         pvd (PVD)
         pvp (PVP)
         pwba (PWBA)
         pycnometers (PICNOMETROS)
         pyranometers (PIRANOMETROS)
         pyrans (PIRANOS)
         pyrazines (PIRAZINAS)
         pyrazoles (PIRAZOLES)
         pyrazolines (PIRAZOLINAS)
         pyrene (PIRENO)
         pyrex (PIREX)
         pyridazines (PIRIDAZINAS)

         pyridine (PIRIDINA)
         pyridines (PIRIDINAS)
         pyridinium compounds (COMPUESTOS PIRIDINIO)
         pyridoxal (PIRIDOXAL)
         pyridoxine (PIRIDOXINA)
         pyrimidines (PIRIMIDINAS)
         pyrite (PIRITA)
         pyrites (PIRITAS)
         pyrocatechol (PIROCATECOL)
         pyrochlore (PIROCLORO)
         pyroelectric detectors (DETECTORES PIROELECTRICOS)
         pyroelectric effect (EFECTO PIROELECTRICO)
         pyroelectricity (PIROELECTRICIDAD)
         pyrogallol (PIROGALOL)
         pyrogens (PIROGENOS)
         pyrolysis (PIROLISIS)
         pyrolysis products (PRODUCTOS DE PIROLISIS)
         pyrolytic carbon (CARBONO PIROLITICO)
         pyrolytic gases (GASES PIROLITICOS)
         pyrolytic oils (LUBRICANTES PIROLITICOS)
         pyrometallurgy (PIROMETALURGIA)
         pyrophosphates (PIROFOSFATOS)
         pyrophyllite (PIROFILITA)
         pyroxenes (PIROXENOS)
         pyrrhotite (PIRROTITA)

         pyrrolase tryptophan
         pyrroles (PIRROLES)
         pyrrolidines (PIRROLIDINAS)
         pyrrolidones (PIRROLIDONAS)
         pyruvic acid (ACIDO PIRUVICO)
         pzt (PZT)