Sample records for INTERACCIONES NEUTRINO-MUON (neutrino-muon interactions)

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Performance of the prototype detector for the LHCf experiment

Sako, T.; Adriani, O.; Bonechi, L.; Bongi, M.; Faus, √Āngeles; Haguenauer, M.; Itow, Y.; Kasahara, K.

14 pages, 11 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 13.85.Tp; 95.30.Cq; 95.55.Vj; 95.85.Ry.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000248784500012 | LHCf is a compact experiment for measuring the energy and transverse momentum spectra of the neutral particles emitted in the high rapidity range at an LHC interaction point. The da...

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