Sample records for REACCIONES DE NEUTRINOS (neutrino reactions)

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Superscaling analysis of inclusive electron scattering and its extension to charge-changing neutrino-nucleus cross sections beyond the relativistic Fermi gas approach

Antonov, A. N.; Ivanov, M. V.; Gaidarov, M. K.; Moya de Guerra, Elvira; Caballero, Juan Antonio; Barbaro, M. V.

15 pages, 1 table, 16 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 25.30.-c; 21.60.-n; 25.30.Pt; 21.10.Ft.-- ArXiv pre-print available at: | Superscaling analyses of inclusive electron scattering from nuclei are extended from the quasielastic processes to the delta excitation region....

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Influence of the nuclear medium on inclusive electron and neutrino scattering off nuclei

Buss, Oliver; Leitner, Tina; Mosel, U.; Álvarez-Ruso, Luis

6 pages, 3 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 25.30.−c.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000249786600057.-- ArXiv pre-print available at: | We present a model for inclusive electron and neutrino scattering off nuclei paying special attention to the influence of in-medium effects on the qu...

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