Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         lauryl radicals (RADICALES LAURILO)
         lav virus (VIRUS LAV)
         lava (LAVA)
         lavage (LAVADURA)
         laves phases (FASES DE LAVES)
         lawrence berkeley laboratory (LAWRENCE BERKELEY LABORATORY)
         lawrence livermore laboratory (LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABORATORY)
         lawrence livermore national laboratory (LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL LABORATORY)
         laws (LEYES)
         lawsuits (LITIGIOS)
         layers (CAPAS)
         lbl (LBL)
         lcr (LCR)
         ld 50 (DL 50)
         leachates (LIXIVIADOS)
         leaching (LIXIVIACION)
         lead (PLOMO)
         lead 178 (PLOMO 178)
         lead 179 (PLOMO 179)
         lead 180 (PLOMO 180)
         lead 181 (PLOMO 181)
         lead 182 (PLOMO 182)
         lead 183 (PLOMO 183)
         lead 184 (PLOMO 184)
         lead 185 (PLOMO 185)

         lead 186 (PLOMO 186)
         lead 187 (PLOMO 187)
         lead 188 (PLOMO 188)
         lead 189 (PLOMO 189)
         lead 190 (PLOMO 190)
         lead 191 (PLOMO 191)
         lead 192 (PLOMO 192)
         lead 193 (PLOMO 193)
         lead 194 (PLOMO 194)
         lead 195 (PLOMO 195)
         lead 196 (PLOMO 196)
         lead 197 (PLOMO 197)
         lead 198 (PLOMO 198)
         lead 199 (PLOMO 199)
         lead 200 (PLOMO 200)
         lead 200 target (BLANCO DE PLOMO 200)
         lead 201 (PLOMO 201)
         lead 202 (PLOMO 202)
         lead 203 (PLOMO 203)
         lead 204 (PLOMO 204)
         lead 204 target (BLANCO DE PLOMO 204)
         lead 205 (PLOMO 205)
         lead 205 target (BLANCO DE PLOMO 205)
         lead 206 (PLOMO 206)
         lead 207 (PLOMO 207)

         leaves (HOJAS)
         lebanon (LIBANO)
         lecithins (LECITINAS)
         lectins (LECTINAS)
         lectures (DISERTACIONES)
         led light emitting diodes
         lee model (MODELO DE LEE)
         leed (LEED)
         legal aspects (ASPECTOS JURIDICOS)
         legal incentives (INCENTIVOS JURIDICOS)
         legendre polynomials (POLINOMIOS DE LEGENDRE)
         legionella pneumophila (LEGIONELLA PNEUMOPHILA)
         legislation (LEGISLACION)
         legislative programs (PROGRAMAS LEGISLATIVOS)
         legislative text (TEXTO LEGISLATIVO)
         legs (PIERNAS)
         leguminosae (LEGUMINOSAS)
         leisure time activities (ACTIVIDADES TIEMPO OCIO)
         lemons (LIMONES)
         lending institutions (INSTITUCIONES DE CREDITO)
         length (LONGITUD)
         lenin reactor (REACTOR LENIN)
         lennard-jones potential (POTENCIAL DE LENNARD-JONES)
         lens crystalline
         lenses (LENTES)

         lizards (LAGARTOS)
         llamas (LLAMAS (ZOOLOGIA))
         llnl (LNLL)
         lng (LNG)
         load analysis (ANALISIS CARGA)
         load characteristics (CARACTERISTICAS CARGA)
         load dynamic
         load management (GESTION DE LA CARGA ELECTRICA)
         loading (RECARGA)
         loading rate (INDICE CARGA)
         loads dynamic
         loads power demand
         loads static
         loads stresses
         loam (BARRO)
         loans (PRESTAMOS)
         lobbies (LOBBIES)
         lobsters (LANGOSTAS)
         loca (LOCA)
         local area networks (REDES AREA LOCAL)
         local boiling (EBULLICION LOCAL)
         local fallout (POSO RADIACTIVO LOCAL)
         local galaxy (GALAXIA LOCAL)
         local government (GOBIERNO LOCAL)
         local group (GRUPO LOCAL)

         lorentz transformations (TRANSFORMACIONES DE LORENTZ)
         los alamos (LOS ALAMOS)
         los alamos national laboratory (LABORATORIO NACIONAL LOS ALAMOS)
         los alamos scientific laboratory (LABORATORIO CIENTIFICO LOS ALAMOS)
         los angeles (LOS ANGELES)
         loss cone (CONO DE PERDIDA)
         loss cone instability (INESTABILIDAD DEL CONO DE PERDIDA)
         loss of flow (PERDIDA DE FLUJO)
         losses (PERDIDAS)
         lost circulation (CIRCULACION PERDIDA)
         louisiana (LUISIANA)
         love waves (ONDAS SUAVES)
         low alloy steels (ACEROS DE BAJA ALEACION)
         low dose irradiation (IRRADIACION A BAJAS DOSIS)
         low energy electron diffraction (DIFRACCION DE ELECTRONES DE BAJA ENERG)
         low equation (ECUACION DE LOW)
         low frequency radiation (RADIACION DE BAJA FRECUENCIA)
         low income groups (GRUPOS DE RENTAS BAJAS)
         low level counters (CONTADORES DE BAJO NIVEL)
         low level counting (RECUENTO DE BAJO NIVEL)
         low pressure (BAJA PRESION)
         low temperature (BAJA TEMPERATURA)
         low-energy buildings (EDIFICIOS DE BAJO CONSUMO)
         low-energy theorem (TEOREMA DE BAJA ENERGIA)
         low-level radioactive wastes (RESIDUOS RADIACTIVOS DE BAJO NIVEL)

         lysine (LISINA)
         lysis (LISIS)
         lysosomes (LISOSOMAS)
         lysozyme (LISOZIMA)