Sample records for PROCESO DE DIFUSION GASEOSA (gaseous diffusion process)

Sample records 1 - 6 shown.


RETRASO, a code for modeling reactive transport in saturated and unsaturated porous media

Saaltink, M. W.; Batlle, F.; Ayora, Carlos; Carrera, Jesús; Olivella, S.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Estudio de la degradación de elementos refractarios de alúmina en la sinterización de aceros modificados con Mn

Pena Castro, María del Pilar; Sicre-Artalejo, J.; Campos, M.; Torralba Castelló, José Manuel; Zbiral, J.; Danniger, H.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Efectos de la exposición a vacío y aire de películas de SnO2 con distinto espesor

Ponce, Miguel Adolfo; Castro, Miriam Susana; Moncada, Osvaldo Julio; Echeverría, Maria Dolores; Aldao, Celso Manuel

Resumen en inglés Gas sensors based in semiconductor oxides show a change in the resistance when they are exposed to certain gaseous atmospheres. In this paper, the influence on the sensor electrical resistance with the film thickness in vacuum and air are studied. The conduction process is analyzed considering the existence of Schottky potential barriers at the grain boundaries. These barriers are affected by the intergranular gas diffusion. This process increases the barrier height and w (mas) idth, altering the electrical resistance. Also, the influence of the diffusion process on the stabilization time is analized.

Scientific Electronic Library Online (Spanish)


Atmospheric dry deposition of persistent organic pollutants to the Atlantic and inferences for the global oceans

Jurado, Elena; Jaward, Foday M.; Lohmann, Rainer; Jones, Kevin C.; Simó, Rafel; Dachs, Jordi

Digital.CSIC (Spain)