Sample records for PROTECCION POR CONGELACION (freeze protection)

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Oxidation of free and encapsulated oil fractions in dried microencapsulated fish oils

Velasco, Joaquín; Dobarganes, M.ª Carmen; Márquez Ruiz, Gloria

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Identifying erosive periods by using RUSLE factors in mountain fields of the Central Spanish Pyrenees

López-Vicente, Manuel; Navas Izquierdo, Ana; Machín Gayarre, Javier

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Estabilidad de la glucosa oxidasa en sistemas amorfos formados por los disacáridos sacarosa, maltosa y trehalosa/ Glucose oxidase stability in amorphous systems formed by saccharose, maltose and trehalose disaccharides

Valenzuela, Hans L. D.; Ortíz, Reynaldo L. R.

Resumen en inglés Glucose-oxidase (GOD), suffers conformational change during freeze-drying. In order to determine the protection level granted by amorphous matrices (AM) of saccharose, maltose, trehalose and their combinations, the thermal inactivation constants (K D) of GOD trapped in these systems were determined. For its evaluation, GOD samples were balanced at different water activities and heated up to 30, 50 and 70 ºC. The best AM found for GOD stability was saccharose-trehalose (5 (mas) /10% p/v). The K D values (K D.10-4) at a w = 0.0 were 3 at 30 ºC and 6 at 70 ºC. For non-protected GOD under the same conditions these values were 48 at 30 ºC and 257 at 70 ºC.

Scientific Electronic Library Online (Spanish)


Effect of wheat fibre in frozen stored fish muscular gels

Sánchez Alonso, Isabel; Haji-Maleki, Ramin; Borderías, A. Javier

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Desarrollo de nuevos modelos de tejas de hormigón y de sus acabados superficiales

Amo Sevilla, Juan del; Laloma Escalera, Ludovico; Marín Andrés, Félix; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel

Digital.CSIC (Spain)