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Time-dependent density functional calculation of the energy loss of antiprotons colliding with metallic nanoshells

Quijada, Marina; Borisov, A. G.; Díez Muiño, Ricardo

5 pp.-- PACS nrs.: 71.10.Ca, 71.15.Mb, 73.22.-f, 78.70.-g. | Time-dependent density functional theory is used to study the interaction between antiprotons and metallic nanoshells. The ground state electronic properties of the nanoshell are obtained in the jellium approximation. The energy lost by th...

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The GeV to TeV view of SNR IC443: predictions for Fermi

Rodriguez Marrero, Ana Y.; Torres, Diego F.; Cea del Pozo, Elsa de

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Superscaling analysis of inclusive electron scattering and its extension to charge-changing neutrino-nucleus cross sections beyond the relativistic Fermi gas approach

Antonov, A. N.; Ivanov, M. V.; Gaidarov, M. K.; Moya de Guerra, Elvira; Caballero, Juan Antonio; Barbaro, M. V.; Udias, J. M.; Sarriguren, Pedro

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Semi-classical treatment of proton-neutron monopole interaction

Raduta, A.A.; Pacearescu, L.; Varan, V.; Sarriguren, Pedro; Moya de Guerra, Elvira

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Primordial nucleosynthesis: From precision cosmology to fundamental physics

Iocco, F.; Mangano, G.; Miele, Gennaro; Pisanti, O.; Serpico, P.D.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Neutrino flux prediction at MiniBooNE

Sorel, Michel; Aguilar-Arevalo, A. A.; Anderson, C. E.; Bazarko, A. O.; Brice, S. J.; Brown, B. C.; Bugel, L.; Cao, J.; Coney, L.; Conrad, J. M.; Cox, D. C.; Curioni, A.; Djurcic, Z.; Finley, D. A.; Fleming, B. T.; Ford, R.; Garcia, F. G.; Garvey, G. T.; Green, C.; Green, J. A.; Hart, T. L.; Hawker, E.; Imlay, R.; Johnson, R. A.; Karagiorgi, G.; Kasper, P.; Katori, T.; Kobilarcik, T.; Kourbanis, I.; Koutsoliotas, S.; Laird, E. M.; Linden, S. K.; Link, J. M.; Liu, Y.; Louis, W. C.; Mahn, K. B. M.; Marsh, W.; Martin, P. S.; McGregor, G.; Metcalf, W.; Meyers, P. D.; Mills, F.; Mills, G. B.; Monroe, J.; Moore, C. D.; Nelson, R. H.; Nguyen, V. T.; Nienaber, P.; Nowak, J. A.; Ouedraogo, S.; Patterson, R. B.; Perevalov, D.; Polly, C. C.; Prebys, E.; Raaf, J. L.; Ray, H.; Roe, B. P.; Russell, A. D.; Sandberg, V.; Schirato, R.; Schmitz, D.; Shaevitz, M. H.; Shoemaker, F. C.; Smith, D.; Soderberg, M.; Spentzouris, P.; Stancu, I.; Stefanski, R. J.; Sung, M.; Tanaka, H. A.; Tayloe, R.; Tzanov, M.; Van de Water, R.; Wascko, M. O.; White, D. H.; Wilking, M. J.; Yang, H. J.; Zeller, G. P.; Zimmerman, E. D.; MiniBooNE Collaboration

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Isospin mixing and Fermi transitions: Self-consistent deformed mean field calculations and beyond

Álvarez-Rodríguez, Raquel; Moya de Guerra, Elvira; Sarriguren, Pedro

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Ground state particle-particle correlations and double-beta decay

Raduta, A.A.; Sarriguren, Pedro; Faessler, Amand; Moya de Guerra, Elvira

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Flavor physics in the quark sector

Martínez-Vidal, Fernando; Pich, Antonio

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


First-principles investigation of structural and electronic properties of ultrathin Bi films

Koroteev, Y. M.; Bihlmayer, G.; Tchulkov, Eugene V.; Bluegel, S.

7 pp.-- PACS: 73.20.-r, 71.18.+y, 71.70.Ej. | Employing first-principles calculations, we perform a systematic study of the electronic properties of thin (one to six bilayers) films of the semimetal bismuth in (111) and (110) orientation. Due to the different coordination of the surface atoms in the...

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First-principles investigation of structural and electronic properties of ultrathin Bi films

Koroteev, Yuri M.; Bihlmayer, G.; Tchulkov, Eugene V.; Bluegel, S.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Extended van Hove Singularity and Superconducting Instability in Doped Graphene

González, J.; McChesney, J. L.; Bostwick, A.; Rotenberg, E.; Ohta, T.; Seyller, Thomas; Horn, Karsten

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Charge exchange operators sum rules and proton–neutron T=0 and T=1 pairing interactions

Moya de Guerra, Elvira; Raduta, A. A.; Zamick, L.; Sarriguren, Pedro

Digital.CSIC (Spain)