Sample records for COLISIONES ELECTRON-ATOMO (electron-atom collisions)

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Photodetachment spectrum of OHF-: Three-dimensional study of the heavy–light–heavy resonances

González-Sánchez, Lola; Gómez Carrasco, Susana; Aguado, Alfredo; Paniagua, Miguel; Hernández, M. Luz

12 pages, 14 figures, 1 table.-- PACS nrs.: 82.30.Cf; 82.20.Kh; 31.15.Ar; 33.15.Mt; 33.80.Gj; 31.25.Eb; 31.50.Bc. | In this work a simulation of the OHF- photodetachment spectrum is performed in a three-dimensional potential energy surface recently developed for OHF(3A''). The ground 2A' state poten...

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Energy-loss straggling of swift heavy ions in an electron gas

Nagy, Istvan; Vincent, Rémi; Juaristi Oliden, Joseba Iñaki; Echenique, Pedro M.

4 pages, 2 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 34.50.Bw. | Classical methods are employed to characterize the energy-loss straggling for swift, heavy ions interacting with independent electrons of a degenerate electron gas. The method of Bohr on the statistical aspects of the energy-loss process is used, and the ...

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Direct versus resonances mediated F+OH collisions on a new 3A'' potential energy surface

Gómez Carrasco, Susana; González-Sánchez, Lola; Aguado, Alfredo; Roncero, Octavio; Alvariño, José M.

14 pages, 13 figures, 4 tables.-- PACS nrs.: 82.30.Cf; 82.20.Kh; 31.15.Ar; 82.20.Fd; 33.80.Eh; 31.50.Df. | A theoretical study of the F(2P) + OH(2Π)HF(1Σ+) + O(3P) reactive collisions is carried out on a new global potential energy surface (PES) of the ground 3A'' adiabatic electronic state. The ab ...

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Coupled diabatic potential energy surfaces for studying the nonadiabatic dynamics at conical intersections in angular resolved photodetachment simulations of OHF- --> OHF+e-

Gómez Carrasco, Susana; Aguado, Alfredo; Paniagua, Miguel; Roncero, Octavio

16 pages, 14 figures, 1 table.-- PACS nrs.: 82.20.Kh; 82.30.Cf; 33.80.Eh; 82.20.Db; 82.20.Hf. | An energy-based method is proposed for the diabatization of the OH(2Π)+F(2P) --> O(3P)+HF(1Σ+) reaction. It is demonstrated that the diabatic representation obtained is regularized, i.e., the residual der...

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Collisional and photoinitiated reaction dynamics in the ground electronic state of Ca–HCl

Sanz, Cristina; Avoird, Ad van der; Roncero, Octavio

11 pages, 14 figures, 1 table.-- PACS nrs.: 82.30.Cf; 82.50.-m; 82.20.Kh; 82.30.Fi; 82.20.Rp; 82.20.Fd; 33.20.Ea; 33.15.Ry; 33.15.Dj; 82.30.Hk. | Ca+HCl(ν,j) reactive collisions were studied for different rovibrational states of the HCl reactant using wave-packet calculations in reactant Jacobi coor...

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