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Indicadores antropométricos, composición corporal y limitaciones funcionales en ancianos/ Anthropometry, body composition and functional limitations in the elderly

Arroyo, Patricia; Lera, Lydia; Sánchez, Hugo; Bunout, Daniel; Santos, José Luis; Albala, Cecilia

Resumen en inglés Background: Functional limitations limit the independence and jeopardize the quality of life of elderly subjects. Aim: To assess the association between anthropometric measures and body composition with functional ¡imitations in community-living older people. Material and Methods: Cross-sectional survey of 377 people >6 5 years old (238 women), randomly selected from the SABE/Chile project. Complete anthropometric measurements were done. Handgrip muscle strength was meas (mas) ured using dynamometers. Body composition was determined using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry. Functional limitations were assessed using self reported and observed activities. Results: Body mass index was strongly associated with fat mass (men r =0.87; women r =0.91) and with lean mass (men r =0.55; women r =0.62). Males had significantly greater lean mass (48.9 kg vs 34.9 kg), and bone mass than females (2.6 kg vs 1.8 kg) and women had higher fat mass than men (26.3 kg vs 22.9 kg). The prevalence of functional ¡imitations was high, affecting more women than men (63.7% vs 37.5%, p

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