Sample records for GRUPO DE SITTER (de sitter group)

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Relativistic field equations from higher-order polarizations of the Poincaré group

Navarro, Miguel; Calixto Molina, Manuel; Aldaya Valverde, Víctor

The theory of free relativistic fields is shown to arise in a unified mannerfrom higher-order, configuration-space, irreducible representations of thePoincar´e group. A de Sitter subalgebra, in the massive case, and a Poincarésubalgebra, in the massless case, of the enveloping algebra of the Poin...

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Critical formation of trapped surfaces in the collision of gravitational shock waves

Álvarez-Gaumé, Luis; Gómez, César; Sabio Vera, Agustín; Tavanfar, Alireza; Vazquez-Mozo, Miguel A.

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